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Seed Gifting Practices-Learn how to be Eco Sensitive.

Do you also feel choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones is perplexing? If yes, then this blog might just come in handy! The present should make them happy. And they must enjoy it for years to come.

That said, presenting your lovelies with the gift of seeds might be the most adorable thing you can do for them. Gifting plants is always a good idea. Nowadays it has even become a trend to give seeds as return gifts. It's taken as a great gesture and represents a lot of values and good behaviour. Trust us, they’ll love them.

Here are some exciting ideas and tips to send seeds as a gift to your loved ones.

Fun Ideas for Creating Seeds Gifts

  1. Put the seed packet gifts in a cute and pretty jar, and put a decorative ribbon around it.
  2. Use a regular envelope and decorate it with beautiful sketches and meaningful messages. You can also make a handmade seed gift card and add it to the present.
  3. Design your own paper seed packets and decorate these personalised seed packets with glossy magazine pictures, glitters, and stickers.
  4. Include a seed packet in a gardener’s gift basket with a trowel, gloves, soap, and hand lotion.
  5. And, if you are looking for ideas to give seeds to the kids in the house, you can give them URJA SEEDS Green Warrior. It is an interactive game that teaches kids the importance of planting.

There are various amazing options when it comes to seed gift ideas. You can order the summer flower seeds kit or a seed bottle gift with unique flower seeds from Urja and make your friend’s day!

Some Tips on Gifting Seeds

Before you decide to give seeds as gifts, always consider the recipients.

  • Are they allergic to certain plants?
  • Do they like wildflowers, or do they enjoy growing fresh herbs?
  • Which colours and fragrances do they love?
  • Do they enjoy gardening or not?

After all, you want your present to be thoughtful, don’t you? There are certain gift ideas especially for plant lovers that will make them remember you always. Gifting plants to plant lovers will definitely bring happiness on their face. 

Gifting seeds is an act of kindness. You will not just be giving them seeds but an ambiance to their abodes and a gentle reminder to enjoy nature and life. Do you know plants can even help in repelling mosquitoes? They are helpful in many ways to us.

So, it’s time to root for your loved ones by gifting them the best seeds – from URJA Seeds

About Urja Seeds

Urja Seeds specialises in selling premium seeds online like exotic seeds, vegetable seeds, micro green seeds and flower seeds. Urja Seeds provides hassle free online delivery to all its customers. The seeds are of the highest quality and are packed with nutritional benefits and freshness. By employing continuous development and research activities over the years and establishing expertise in this field, Urja now offers its customers high yielding seeds online easily and that too on time. 


Q1: How to give someone a seed gifts set? 

Ans: You can order seed gifts set from Urja Seeds. You can even directly send the seeds to the receiver's address. Urja provides seeds of the highest quality and these are packed with nutritional and aesthetic benefits. Urja provides Online flower seed delivery service to its customers.

Q2: Which are the best seeds to give as presents?

Ans: Flower seeds make for a great gift. Flower seeds gifts are loved by those who have beautiful gardens at their house and enjoy being surrounded by flowers with wonderful colours and vibrant fragrances. The flower seeds add a lot of aesthetic value to the surroundings and thus are a perfect choice for home decor. They create a joyful mood and spread alot of happiness. You can choose any flower seeds as per your choice from Urja.

Q3: Where can I buy the best Flower seeds? 

Ans: You can buy the best flower seeds from Urja Seeds. They provide Online Flower seed delivery to their customers. Urja Seeds offers a wide variety of flower seeds of the top notch quality. You can also gift the flower seeds to your loved ones on special occasions. 

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