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Why is gifting plants always a good idea?

Gifting is a very important part of all relationships. It is a way of showing that you love and care for the person and thus, you should always choose gifts carefully. The gift itself should be thoughtful and must be something that your loved one can put to good use. While there are many options out there to choose as gifts for your loved ones, one of the best things you could give to your loved one is a plant. It is unique and practical and also adds good value to your loved one’s life. Picking plants as gifts has now become the trend and it is actually advantageous since it is not only good for the person you are giving it to, but also is good for the environment. Moreover, you would surely believe that gifting a living plant is much better than any lifeless stuff that your loved one might not even use frequently. Besides, improving the air quality in your home by removing toxins, it is always a good idea to give plants. 

Why should you give plants to your loved ones?

Here are some of the many reasons why you should give a plant to your loved ones and how they can benefit from them.

1. Improves the air quality of homes: 

You would get different health benefits from different kinds of plants. Thus, in a way, when you are giving your loved one a plant, it shows your love, affection and care for them. We live in an era where we have to hustle through life and don’t get much time for taking good care of ourselves. We also don’t have a good connection with nature. Having a plant in our home or office is a good way to stay in touch with nature, and thus with ourselves.

2. Sustainable gifting option: 

Any gift that you would normally consider would be inanimate and though it would be functional, there are greater chances of the gift not being sustainable. Thus, unlike such other gifting options, a plant is sustainable and would live long and grow if it gets the required care and love

3. Unique gifting idea: 

When you think about a gift, your first thought would not be a plant and this is the same for many people. That is what makes the idea of gifting a plant so unique. However, gifting plants is slowly but steadily becoming a trend nowadays.

4. Influences mood and promotes mental health: 

It goes without saying that plants have a great psychological effect on us and this is for the better. When we take care of plants, it not only improves our focus and concentration but also influences our mood and promotes better health.

5. Best for all occasions: 

For every kind of occasion, our choice of gifts differ based on the occasion that is being held. But a plant is one gifting option that is appropriate for all occasions and besides them having so many health benefits, they make amazing home decor too.

Symbolism behind gifting certain plants

When you make the choice of gifting a plant, you open a whole new door of options for yourself. There are many kinds of plants that you could give to your loved one as gifts. Like flowers, plants too have their own language and every plant symbolizes something different. Here are some of the most commonly gifted plants and their symbolism.

1. Lucky Bamboo Plant Symbolism: 

The lucky Bamboo plant symbolises luck, love, longevity, wealth and prosperity. The different layers of the Lucky Bamboo plant symbolise different things. If the pant has two layers it symbolises love. Three layers represent a long and happy life, five layers symbolise health and eight layers symbolise growth. Nine layers of this plant symbolises luck while ten layers represent perfection. If you give this plant to your loved one, you could send them a message through the layers of the plant. This plant is an excellent choice to give to someone if they are starting a new chapter in their life.

2. Philodendron Plant Symbolism: 

This is a plant that has amazing foliage and purifies the air. This is a low-maintenance plant and has been a muse for countless modern artists. The philodendron symbolizes growth, health, abundance and beauty. It is a great plant to give to someone to send them the message that they are beautiful. A person in the growing phase of their life would also appreciate this plant.

3. Peace Lily Symbolism: 

The peace lily is a great gifting option because of its beautiful foliage and fragrant flowers. This plant symbolises purity, rebirth, tranquility and innocence. It is a flowering plant that purifies the air and giving it to someone would mean you wish them peace and support. This is an excellent gift to show empathy.

4. Money Plants Symbolism: 

Money plants symbolise wealth and good fortune. Gifting money plants is the perfect way to wish your loved one more luck and happiness in whatever endeavors they undertake. It is a perfect gift for someone who is starting a new career or business or making new investments.

5. Aloe Vera plant symbolism: 

The Aloe Vera plant has many medicinal benefits. Indeed, it was rightly named as the “plant of immortality” by the Egyptians. Aloe Vera symbolises healing, beauty and protection. It is a great gift to someone to whom you want to show your care and affection. It is also good to give to someone who believes in holistic health.

Now that you know all about the benefits of gifting plants and also about the plants that are great gifting options, there are a few more factors you need to consider. Firstly, you have to choose between a garden plant or indoor plants.  Besides that, if the person you're gifting to does not have a green thumb or is quite busy and may not be able to take care of a plant regularly, you could give them succulents as they are sturdy and low-maintenance. At Urja Seeds, you can find many varieties of flowering plants’ seeds and exotic herbs seeds  that are high-quality and great to have in your home.


Q1. Is it good to give plants as gifts?

Ans.Plants are great gifting options for all types of occasions and have many health benefits.

Q2. What do plants symbolize?

Ans.Foliage, plants and flowers symbolise ideas,actions and emotions. Every plant has its own symbolism and they help create a positive environment.

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