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Flower Seeds

 We at Urja pride ourselves of having one of the best flower seeds collection in India. It is our endeavour to provide our customer with options and products that are rarely found in local markets. You can choose from imported varieties which are rare to our markets.A large selection of Imported & Open Pollination Flower Seeds are available with high quality packaging and high germinating seeds.
India is home to a wide variety of flowers, thanks to its diverse climate and soil types. Here are some common flower seeds that are popularly grown in India:
  1. Marigold
  2. Sunflower
  3. Zinnia
  4. Cosmos
  5. Petunia
  6. Dahlia
  7. Chrysanthemum
  8. Gladiolus
  9. Geranium
  10. Pansy
  11. Nasturtium
  12. Sweet Pea
  13. Carnation
  14. Hibiscus
  15. Daffodil
  16. Tulip
  17. Poppy

 It's important to choose seeds that are suitable for the climate and soil conditions in your area to ensure the best possible growth and blooming.

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Make your garden bloom any time of the year with the flower seeds brought to you by Urja Seeds

In your life, there may have been many times that you have walked through flower gardens or in a nursery and wished to yourself you had a beautiful garden like that. At the same moment, you might have felt clueless about the whole arena of gardening. However, it does not matter whether you are a seasoned gardener or just a beginner, you can start your own flower garden at any time! There are edible flowers that have many health benefits so in total growing flowers will bring lots of advantages and beautify your home more.

Yes, there are flowering plants for winters as well as for summers and the seeds are easy to procure too. Since you can buy most things online nowadays, flower seeds are no different. In fact, Urja Seeds brings to you the best quality flower seeds that you can plant for your own flower garden all year round! So what are you waiting for? Buy flower seeds in India online from us and have a beautiful flowers garden easily.

Buy the best flower seeds for your home garden online at urjaseeds.com

1) Gypsophila White- Flower Seeds: Gypsophila are flowering plants that grow best in Spring, that is, in the months of APril and May. In fact, they are plants that can flower all year around except in the frosty months of the winter season. This plant is popular for its cloud-like, airy appearance , during the border of summer months. You can buy upto 400 seeds of this plant for the most affordable rates now, at Urja Seeds.

2) Cineraria Masterpiece Mixed (Hybrid)- Flower Seeds: Cineraria is a hybrid flowering plant between Pericallis and hybrida and it was first developed in 1777 in the British royal gardens. This flowering plant blossoms beautifully almost all year round and even in the winters too. At Urja Seeds, you can buy around 200 seeds of this beautiful plant.

3) Aster Formula Mixed- Flower seeds: Asters are classic flowering plants for a home garden that generally bloom in the late summer and fall seasons. It is quite inexpensive and very easy to grow asters from seeds. Moreover, if you choose seeds, you will also have many color options. At Urja Seeds, you can buy upto 100 mixed seeds of Aster, that is, you can get several color varieties in a single packet.

4) Petunia F-1 Cascade Mix (Hybrid)- Flower seeds: Petunias are extremely prolific plants and they have extra flowers, alongside a trailing habit. However, they are not actually a true trailing variety of flowers. They thrive well in small containers and baskets and blossom almost all year round, especially in the summer. Regular removal of dead flowers would help create a better display. At Urja Seeds, you will get upto 1000 seeds of this plant.

5) Antirrhinum Tom Thumb Mix- Flower seeds:Antirrhinum or Snapdragon are yet another flowering plant that bloom all year round, even in winters. However, they blossom best in summer and are excellent plants for your flower garden. AT Urja seeds, you will get upto 500 seeds of this plant.

Why choose Urja Seeds?

Urja Seeds is a part of Urja Agriculture, specializing in premium exotic seeds, flower seeds, vegetable seeds . Buy flower seeds in India online from Urja Seeds as the flower seeds which are listed above are just a few in the vast collection of flower seeds that you can find on our website. Besides flower seeds for every season of the year, we also house a variety of other seeds also and even microgreens seeds, which not only look great in your balcony but for your body too, if you consume them.


Q1) What are the steps to plant flower seeds?

Ans: Here are the steps to plant flower seeds in your home or garden.
  • First you need to choose a container that has enough holes for drainage and is at least 2-3 inches deep.
  • Next you will need to choose quality soil. It would be best to use sterile, seed-starting soil mixes or potting soil. You should avoid garden soil as it is too heavy and may contain weeds.
  • Plant your seeds in the soil at a proper depth.
  • Use room-temperature water and water precisely the amount that is needed.
  • Consistent humidity is necessary too besides proper sunlight and fertilization.
  • If you want to transplant your plants outdoors, make sure you ‘harden off’ the seedlings.

Q2) Which flower seeds quickly grow in summers?

Ans: Some of the fastest growing flower seeds in summer are Cornflowers, Petunias, Poppies, Sunflowers, Sweet Peas, Nigella and many more.

Q3) Which flower seeds grow in winter?

Ans: Winter is a great time for planting seeds in the home garden because there are multiple options of flowers that come in a great many color options as well. Here are some of the flower seeds to grow in winter- Calendula or pot marigold, Antirrhinum or SNapdragon, Alyssum, Aster, Clarkia, Hollyhock and so on.
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