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Best use of Coco Peat Powder


Coco peat powder, also known as coir dust or coconut coir powder, is a fine, powdery byproduct obtained from coconut...

Growing vegetables in Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand & Chattisgarh.


In March and April, the weather in Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh can vary, but generally, it tends to ...

Urja Seeds was founded on a mutual love of food, purity, and excellent health!

Urja Seeds, an online seed store, brings to you the best, most healthy and nourishing seeds. Our expertise to produce and supply premium quality seeds spans over a decade, and our seed inventory days contain both homegrown and other international sources. We try to keep our values and faith intact in traditional research, development and production. So that we are today proud of the fact that we sell two types of seeds: Hybrid Seeds and OP (Open Pollinated) Seeds.
Along with producing hybrid and top-quality agriculture seeds of India, we are also committed to the growth and progress of farmers, agriculturists and other people associated with us. So, if you buy seeds online from Urja Seeds, the best seed suppliers, don't worry about what you sow and be optimistic about what you reap! One can grow any vegetable or even grow microgreens at home easily.

Let’s know about Seeds from our point of view...

Seeds are a necessary component of human existence; we would not exist without them. Seeds and seed stock are critical to our food supply. We utilize many other natural resources as humans, such as cotton, paper, wood, and culinary oils, all begin as seeds. Seeds are a component of nature's ever-changing constant, maintained through a complicated sequence of interrelationships amongst her many variables, with seeds playing a significant role. There are numerous ways micro green seeds online connect with their intended growing space in the natural world. Some sources are so small that they can be carried in the wind before landing in a suitable location. Others can be dispersed by animals in their dung or attached to their fur. Seeds are also taken and distributed in the sea and rivers. Gravity is the technique of seed distribution. Fruits from trees such as apples, coconut, and passion fruit, when fallen from their branches, typically roll away from the tree to gain extra distance when the fruit ultimately seeds and germinates.

Why should you buy seeds online from Urja?

Give your garden a positive touch by buying top-quality wholesale seeds online from Urja Seeds. You can grow your vegetables with our wide range of high productive vegetable seeds online from Urja Seeds. If you want to grow a beautiful flower garden, we also offer a huge variety of flower seeds. On Urja Seeds, you can also get hybrid flower seeds online to decorate your garden and give it a personal touch with numerous variants of colorful flowers. We also provide exotic seeds online and microgreen seeds online for your garden.

Urja Seeds Online India

We offer agriculture seeds online in India. We also bring high-quality sources using the best hybrid and open pollination methods specific to the most valuable characters of vegetables and flowers available in the class. We also take best care of seedlings too so the little seeds germinate to the best in customer’s garden


  • Freshness
  • Better yield result
  • Hygienically packed

Urja Seeds is a platform for all your gardening requirements.

Widest range

You dream it, and we have it. We flatter ourselves to keep the finest and rarest seeds from the best sources available.

Best quality

We deliver the best quality gardening needs at the most reasonable prices: Top-quality and Top product.

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Kitchen Garden seeds

Are you fond of being the 'plant lady' of your house? The one who plucks leaves or fruits or vegetables from her garden with utmost staccato and then adds them to her/his pan to swirl a delicacy out of it. Kitchen garden can be defined as a concept where you 'grow your greens' and harvest them at the appropriate time.It confers the owner with a sense of achievement and self dependency as well. Nowadays,you don't have to rush to your nursery for getting your kitchen garden seeds you can get seeds online with platforms like ours.Buying seeds online diminishes the chances of being dependent on your nursery since in the former case,the growth in your kitchen garden largely depended upon the stock available in your nursery.

At Urja seeds we provide a variety of seeds online ranging from fruits to vegetables and herbs as well.Buying seeds online also alleviate the chances of helter skelter involved in this procedure.Simply sit back and order from the comfort of your home and enjoy your home grown food!


Q1) What should one keep in mind before buying seeds online?

Ans: Aside from the flower and vegetable kinds to choose, there is a lot to consider when purchasing seeds online. Successful gardeners conduct research and purchase seeds from a reputable seed provider because they recognise that excellent outcomes begin with quality seeds. Gardeners must consider a lot of factors in order to harvest an abundance of food.

Q2) Should one go for buying seeds online?

Ans: Yes, one can surely go for buying seeds online.

Q3) Is it legal to collect seeds?

Ans: Yes, it's legal to collect seeds.

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