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How to successfully germinate your seeds ?

One of the most rewarding gardening pursuits is growing your plants from seeds. And the most critical stage in the growth of vegetables is germination – the process in which a dormant seed grows into a seedling.

There are numerous variables such as moisture, warmth, planting depth that come into play during seed germination. Even if you buy the best quality seeds like the ones offered by Urja Seeds, you might still face tough luck germinating successfully.

While some seeds grow anywhere (we wish they wouldn’t), others require infuriatingly perfect conditions. Given the delicacy of balance that is required to be struck for successful germination, we are offering you the top 3 tips (and a bonus) on successful germination.

Maintain appropriate moisture levels

 Keep the soil moist until the seeds sprout. Both excess water and too little water won’t let the seed develop. Hence, the amount of water should be just right for optimum growth.


Keep temperature requirements in mind

Different seeds germinate at different temperatures. Try not to expose them to the wrong temperatures.

Don’t ignore the planting depth

Some seeds like lettuce germinate better if you plant them shallowly. Others like squash do better if sown deeply. Make sure you plant the seeds at the right depth.

Bonus Tip: Germinate seeds on a paper towel.

Put a paper towel in a glass/plastic container, add water until the towel is thoroughly moist (no puddles), and then sprinkle the seeds on the damp towel. Close the lid and check on them regularly. Broccoli, kale, lettuce, cauliflower seeds germinate in as little as 1 day. However, tomatoes, beets, chard, onions, fennel, pepper, eggplant, celery may take up to 3-5 days.

Note: This method is better for home gardening but if you want to plant a whole field, you need to plant the seeds directly in the soil/field.

We hope this will help you in becoming a better ‘plant parent’. At Urja Seeds, we recommend you invest in high-quality seeds for improved germination rates. Happy growing!

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