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Herb Seeds

Herbs are typically non-woody plants that are used for culinary, medicinal, or aromatic purposes. Some common herb seeds include basil, thyme, mint, rosemary, parsley, oregano, and sage, among others.
We at Urja pride ourselves of having one of the best herb seed collection in India. It is our endeavour to provide our customer with options and products that are rarely found in local markets. These seeds have been chosen in mind that they can be grown in our natural climate. 

Herbs are prized for their aromatic and flavourful properties, and are often used in cooking to enhance the flavour of dishes or as a natural remedy for various ailments. They can also be used for tea, potpourri, or to freshen up the home with natural scents. Growing herb seeds is a fun and rewarding hobby that allows you to add fresh and flavourful herbs to your cooking and enjoy the many benefits of these versatile plants.
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Grow Exotic Vegetables in your garden with the best quality Exotic Seeds

Vegetables that are not originally originated at native place are called Exotic Vegetables. Before, native vegetables were given more preference as it was considered more healthy. Whereas, as time lapsed exotic vegetables became more prominent and demanded more in local cuisines. In India, exotic vegetables have turned out to be an integral part of the past few decades and one can buy exotic seeds online in India easily now.

Eventually, many of exotic vegetables have been termed as a breakfast menu or as a dietary supplement for those who want to balance their diets with items like sweet corn, broccoli and other exotic vegetables. Grow exotic vegetables easily at home and be healthy. Moreover, in India opportunities in this sector have mass scope as its demand is increasing day on day and supply is limited to a very small extent. Exotic vegetables are used in many ways such as in fast food corner sweet corns, broccoli, english reddish and many more are used in making many food items like pasta, pizza and many other chinese and thai cuisines. On the other hand, the increase in chronic disease has made people more health conscious which has increased use of exotic vegetables for dietary salads, healthy smoothies, green burgers,raw salads and more.

Grow your own food with Urja’s high-yielding seeds

If only for once but, one should cherish the happiness and joy of successfully germinating the little seeds and serving them on their family’s plate. This is the most joyful thing that a human can do to add peace, healthy food to their lives. Alongside, going for chemical free, good quality seeds is a must. If you grow good the resultant will turn out to be healthier. It is important to choose good quality exotic seeds wisely. We at Urja seeds, provide chemical free seeds and no added materials. A good component full of nature gifted products. We sell high quality seeds that are easy to grow and don't require much time and equipment. Alongside, we provide free guides to grow high yielding seeds for free available on our blog section. Urja Seeds have a wide variety of seeds online to choose from. Specializing in vegetable seeds, micro green seeds and flower seeds apart from exotic seeds, we provide high yielding seeds so you get best from the little seeds.

Why choose Urja?

Urja provides a variety of exotic vegetable seeds online in India which are built & brought up with special care and provides a guide to grow your own home garden with the special seeds sold by them. Savour the best flavoured juicy fruits grown with premium quality seeds at minimal cost. Buy rare exotic seeds online from Urja Seeds and savor the tastiest.


Q1) Are exotic vegetables healthy?

Ans: Exotic vegetables are vegetables that are grown commercially in green shade or net kind of houses. The vegetables are mostly imported from outside India. The vegetables are mostly rich in anti-oxidants and are very healthy in nature. Most of the vegetables are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C. Vitamin k, Folate, and many more. Some of the benefits of intaking exotic vegetables are they help in preventing cardiovascular disease.

Q2) Which are some of the common exotic vegetables?

Ans: Some of the best and healthy exotic vegetables are broccoli, red ,yellow, purple capsicum, parsley, baby corn, cherry tomato, zucchini, lettuce, red cabbage and baby potato.

Q3) Is Cabbage an exotic vegetable?

Ans: Exotic vegetables are generally grown outside India and most of them are grown only in shady places. Cabbage, of course, is an exotic vegetable that is red in colour. Normal white cabbages are not much healthier and yummier than the red cabbages available.
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