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Exotic Vegetables for Your Home Garden

What are Exotic Vegetables?

Exotic vegetables are particular kinds of vegetables that are grown under special conditions. Such vegetables are a production of a single country through artificial pollination. Such vegetables are pretty rare to be found around, even in the local market. Exotic Veggies are only limited to wealthy families and exotic hotels.

Exotic Vegetables for Your Home Garden

Growing fruits and vegetables is not a difficult task and is entirely up to you. You can opt for unique and unusual types and grow them in your yard, but only under their specific conditions if you feel adventurous. However, if you are looking for these uncommon varieties of vegetable seeds for your home, where can you find them?

Exotic vegetables in India have been the home of local cuisines from time immemorial and are employed in various recipes for an unrivaled taste, contributing to a surge in their popularity. Apart from excellent restaurants and wealthy Indian families, these vegetables are unlikely to be seen. After all, they are pretty expensive to purchase because they are made in limited quantities and under unique weather circumstances. They are usually seen in green shade houses or poly-houses. However, exotic vegetables to grow in your yard are not as complicated as it appears. Just a bit more care and effort can help things run smoothly. They are rare vegetables in India and add great taste to your food.

So, let us have a look at the exotic vegetable list you can expect to cultivate at home


Broccoli is one of the cool-weather crops that grow best in the spring and fall seasons. Its overall development will be hampered by high temperatures; hence it is normally expected to plant either after or before the hot temperatures. Growing this beautiful plant from broccoli seeds during the hot season is entirely unworthy.

Broccoli is an exotic member of the cabbage family and is frequently used in local recipes due to its deliciousness and high nutritional content. After all, it is referred to as the "Crown Jewel of Nutrition." It is high in nutrients and minerals, particularly Vitamin A, fiber, potassium, iron, and folic acid.

Cherry Tomatoes

You may have heard about the local tomato species, but have you ever tried the sweetest cherry tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes are not any other color than red, nor do they have a distinct flavor. However, it is a particular tomato type that is difficult to locate. These are small cherry-sized tomatoes with a sweet flavor that are visually appealing. The cherry tomato seeds flourish in temps ranging from 19 to 30 degrees Celsius. They have the exact calorie count as large-sized tomatoes but less fat. They come with additional antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals with different compounds, protecting the body from varied diseases. 


Parsley is a highly cultivated herb grown in the spring due to its slow germination. However, if you want it to germinate quickly, soak the seeds in water overnight before planting. When you are finished with this, be sure to plant Parsley seeds in soil that's 21 degrees Celsius, nutrient-rich, moist, and well-drained.

Parsley is commonly used to enhance dishes and provide a decorative touch to them with garnishing.

Red Cabbage 

Red cabbage is a beautiful species of the cabbage family that grows in specific temperature conditions lying between 4 to 21 degrees Celsius (making fall or spring the best condition for the growth). But Red Cabbage seeds require moist, rich and drained soil for better growth with direct sunlight of six hours daily.

Red Cabbage is highly nutritious for health as it comes with numerous nutrients and vitamins. This vegetable when eaten regularly prevents aging, cancer, helps in losing excessive weight and also develops and strengthens the immune system. Any individual suffering from eye or skin issues are highly advised to go for this specialised vegetable and make the body stronger and healthier.  


Oregano is a warm-weather, versatile, and one of the highly exotic vegetables in India, which is used to flavor soups, loaves of bread, salads, and other eatables. You can find oregano plants in areas where there is full sun and moderate temperatures as they can survive only in hot weather. They require great care and attention with time and season. During the winters, the plant dies and re-grows back during the spring season. But when Oregano seeds grow, it grows vigorously. So, it is important to cut it down in time. Otherwise, it transforms itself into wood.  

About Urja Seeds

Are you concerned about where to buy exotic vegetable seeds? You do not need to go around plant nurseries or supermarkets to buy yourself the required seeds, as Urja Seeds is there for your service and provides a variety of seeds online. Urja seeds directly connect with Urja Agriculture and provide its clients with respected agricultural products including flower seeds and micro green seeds also.


Q1: Are exotic vegetables healthy?

People often go for exotic vegetables after their unique look and fantastic taste, but they forget that these vegetables have fantastic health benefits. All the exotic and rare vegetables in India come with antioxidants that act positively on the blood vessels and digestive tracts and reduce the inflammation as they are highly rich in different kinds of vitamins, including chromium and folate.

Q2: Where are exotic vegetables grown in India?

Not all areas are specialized with the conditions required to grow exotic vegetables. There are quite a few areas in India where you can find their cultivation. Ooty, Himachal Pradesh, Pune, Jammu and Kashmir, Mahabaleshwar, Nashik, Uttarakhand, and Bangalore are the places where exotic vegetables are grown in India


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