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Growing Microgreens at home.

Growing Microgreens at Home

Microgreens are edible herbs and vegetables that are easy to grow. These don’t require much equipment and time. These can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

Microgreens have high nutrient levels, boost health, and reduce the risks of certain diseases. This blog contains instructions for growing microgreens at home and the name of plants that you can grow as microgreens.

Essentials for growing microgreens at home

  • Good-quality seeds (Visit URJA Seeds)
  • A container filled with potting mix or homemade compost. You can also use a mat specifically designed for growing microgreens.
  • Proper lighting

A step-by-step guide to growing microgreens at home

  1. Fill your container with the potting mix and water it lightly. Do not over-compress the mix.
  2. Gently sprinkle the microgreen seeds on the soil/mix.
  3. Spray water on the seeds lightly, and cover the container with a plastic lid.
  4. Check on your container daily, and spray water to keep the seeds moist.
  5. After the seeds germinate, remove the plastic lid to expose the micro confetti to light.
  6. Water once a day while the microgreens grow and gain color.
  7. After 7-10 days, your plants will be ready to harvest.

What can you grow as a microgreen?

Amaranth, Broccoli, Coriander, Kale, Arugula, Cabbage, Cress, Onion, Basil, Carrot, Dill, Radish, Beetroot, Celery, Fenugreek, Sunflower

URJA Seeds offers you high-quality microgreen seeds for your garden/kitchen.

The bottom line

If there were an award for the easiest herb and veggie to grow at home, it would definitely go to the MICROGREENS! These edible veggies are packed with nutrients and can be grown year-round. Try tossing them into your salad, smoothie, or sandwich for a fresh crunch of flavor. You can also use them for garnishing to dazzle your guests.

PS: Sometimes, your microgreens may wilt; here are 7 possible reasons why it might be happening. To fix this, just water your little buddies regularly, and voila!

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