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4. Tips to Revamp your Vegetable Garden.

Lately, vegetable gardens have seen a surge in popularity. Many people have started maintaining their own home vegetable garden by ordering plant seeds online. At Urja Seeds, we believe that growing your vegetable seeds and plant produce at home lets you eat clean.

We have created a list of incredible garden ideas for all the people who love the premise of home-grown veggies.

These ideas will have you reaching for your gardening tools

1. Use ornaments as finishing

Ornaments add a lovely dimension to a garden and give it a year-round appeal. You can hang lanterns on trees, place a bench in a shady area, and use a wrought-iron gate to mark the entrance to your veggie garden. These elements offer subtle yet admirable garden looks.

2. Dress up your vegetable garden entrance.

You can cover the kitchen garden entry gate with bougainvillea or other vines to add a sense of aesthetics and elegance. Palms, citrus trees, finials perched on pedestals can also be used to accent the garden entrances. There are some Lucky Plants also for your homes in 2022 which can also be used for decoration purposes.

3. Grow veggies in heart-shaped boxes

Growing veggies in heart-shaped boxes is yet another way to customize your home garden. You can purchase a heart-shaped box or build a heart-shaped soil bed to house your veggies. Make sure to choose the right soil for planting that is rich in nutrients and organic fertilizers for plants. Make sure you edge the bed in a mini fence to maintain the shape.

4. Let the herbs flourish in hanging baskets

Okay, we know that hanging baskets are often used for growing decorative flowers. But they are also excellent containers for growing herbs and plants for home gardens that require little room for growing. You can hang them on your balconies or backyards.

If you love gardening ventures, there’s nothing that must stop you from growing plants from seeds and getting creative with your vegetable garden. Also, use the right gardening tools for the kitchen garden so as to have best yield at the end. So, are you ready to upgrade your vegetable home? Order vegetable seeds online or plant seeds online from Urja today!

A few more Tips to revamp your garden :

  • The best way to revamp your garden is to have a wide range of flower and vegetable plants of different vibrant and attractive colours and aromas. 
  • Protect your garden from unwanted freeloaders such as weeds. 
  • Decide for a theme for your garden and then create a collection of plants around that theme. Flowers of the same colour or the same type of foliage attract a lot of attention from the visitors. 
  • Plant beautiful flowers along the borders of your garden. Make sure the border plants have contrasting colours so that they stand out.
  • You can use personalised pots for your gardens that represent your personality. Painting the pots with different colour combinations is an artistic way of decorating your garden space.
  • You can add some furniture articles to your garden. Furniture set up provides for a cosy set up and allows for great family bonding time.

About Urja Seeds

URJA Seeds offers you high-quality seeds for your garden/kitchen. We also specialise in selling premium seeds online such as exotic seeds, vegetable seeds and flower seeds. Urja Seeds provides hassle free online delivery to all its customers. The seeds are of the highest quality and are packed with nutritional benefits and freshness. By employing continuous development and research activities over the years and establishing expertise in this field, Urja now offers its customers high yielding seeds online easily and that too on time.

Grow herbs and vegetables that complement each other. Urja Seeds offers you different varieties of high-quality seeds for your garden – sow more, grow more! Explore our gallery and take a look at the organic produce of our seeds.


Q1: How can I improve the efficiency of my garden?

When you start your gardening journey, always choose crops and plants that are high yielding and best suited for the environment of your region. Mix up your plant choices with flowers, vegetables and useful kitchen herbs that have a wide range of benefits. Try different planting patterns such as block gardening or vertical gardening to have best results. Make your own compost and make use of fertilizers that are best suited for your garden. 

Q2: How should I design my garden wall?

You can paint your garden wall and fences with colours that contrast your garden such as black or dark grey. You can use the wall to create a theme in your garden and also add to the contemporary vibe of the space you have created. You can also put up photo frames that personalise your garden and make the garden a more homely place. 

Q3: How can I revive an old garden?

You can start by first removing and replacing all the old furniture, wooden pots and articles in your garden. Start planting new plants and add the right self made compost , manure and fertilizer mix to your plants in the garden. Choose flowers, herbs and vegetables that suit your regional atmosphere the most. Clean the area in and around the garden and water the plants regularly.

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