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Lucky plants for your Home in 2022

It is always an additional benefit to bring some extra good fortune especially considering the whole Covid-19 pandemic scenario. Well, the easiest way to spread positivity across your home, while enhancing its beauty is to bring lucky plants home. The past two years have been very tough for people across the world. Now as we step into the new year 2022, let's hope that this year is more prosperous for all of us by bringing good luck plants to our homes. There are many indoor plants that will give a new look to your home in 2022 but one should know how to choose the indoor plants and take care of them according to the surroundings and time you can give for their care so these little ones get proper care and you can have beautiful décor with these plants.

Placing plants into your home not only adds greenery and aesthetic vibes to your home but also channels the natural flow of positive energy across your place. These types of plants are also known as lucky indoor plants. Furthermore, according to Feng Shui, such plants spread prosperity, luck and also help balance the five elements. When placed in the correct direction and proper care taken, these healthy growing plants can shower your home with their magical benefits. Also, one must have basic gardening tools to take proper care of them .

A list of lucky plants for home that will bring abundance and harmony:

1. Money Plant: 

Known to have a braided trunk and deep roots, the money tree is said to bring good luck and financial success. It is also said to reduce stress and tension while harmonizing the energy across your place. It is also an anti-purifying plant. It is one of the most famous lucky plants for money. There are several money plant varieties available in the market.Snake Plants: 

Also known as Sansevieria, the snake plant absorbs negative energy from the air while producing protective energy enabling a good environment in the house. These are a few of the snake plants' benefits. 

2. Lucky Bamboo: 

This is a feng shui plant that is said to bring peace and harmony within the 5 feng shui elements- earth, water, food, fire, and metal. When arranged properly it is also said to obtain luck, health, love, and peace. If you want to focus on your family place it in the east or if you focus on attracting wealth place it in the southeast direction. With numerous benefits, this plant is worth investing in. 

3. Jade Plant: 

If you are aiming for success and prosperity this plant is the perfect pick. With its small, rounded coin shaped leaves it is said to get you wealth and good fortune. Usually this plant is placed at the entrance and gifted to business owners. 

4. Tulsi: 

Indians have been worshipping this plant for ages. It is one of the most powerful and auspicious plants that can be seen growing in almost every Indian house. Tulsi plant is said to encourage positive vibes, kill bacterias, and purify the atmosphere. Place it in your garden or balcony where it would get enough sunlight. Chew a few tulsi leaves daily to have a good immune system.

5. Rubber Plant: 

Similar to the jade plant, this feng shui plant has rounded leaves similar to a coin that is said to attract wealth. It also improves and purifies the air and can be placed anywhere in the house or office.

6. Peace Lily: 

As per Feng shui, peace lily flowers are a great addition to your space. It cleanses any negativity from the environment and helps bring good luck. Due to its auspicious properties, it is also beneficial for emotional health. Make your life simple and beautiful with this low maintenance flower. 

These are a few of the flowers and plants to be kept home in order to attract luck, wealth, purity, and success. Apart from the above listed plants, there are many other plants and flowers that you can bring to your place in 2022 and wish for a more peaceful year. These plants need to be taken care of properly in order to ensure they grow healthy and strong and get you your extra token of luck. Check out the few tips and tricks to take care of them below

Tips to take care of the growth of the lucky plants:

  1. Provide enough water and sunlight required by each plant.
  2. Get rid of any dried or weak leaves, as they would obstruct the flow of positive energy.
  3. Place each plant in the recommended direction in order to see the desired results. 
  4. Provide enough warm space to plant for them to grow naturally and freely. 
  5. Some plants are easy to take care of such as lucky bamboo but do not forget about them. 
  6. Don't use broken or cracked pots and vases to grow the plants.
  7. As per Vastu, do not use the support of the house wall to grow creepers. 
  8. If you plan on growing trees in your garden, they should be planted in even numbers. 
  9. Select healthy plants that would focus on your specific problems. 
  10. It is suggested to not keep plants with thorns as they may increase the tension. Few medicinal plants are exceptional. 

About Urja Seeds

Urja seeds are here to help you make your home more peaceful and filled with positive energy. It provides you with the best quality of vegetable seeds, flower seeds,microgreen seeds and exotic seeds. With its fast and safe delivery, you can now relish the extra benefits of these good plants for home. 


Q1: Is rose a lucky plant?

Ans: Red roses are a flower of love and are said to attract health and luck while white roses focus on purity and harmony. 

Q2: What are the lucky plants in 2022?

Ans: Money plant, snake plant, lucky bamboo, peace lily, jade plant, tulsi, potted orchids, eucalyptus are a few of the lucky plants and good plants for home. 

Q3: Which plants are unlucky for home?

Ans: Plants with thorns are considered unlucky such as cacti. 

Q4: Are artificial plants good?

Ans: According to Feng Shui, fake plants are not adequate enough to get you luck. 

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