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Know about Dendrobium Narendra Modi – an orchid named after PM Modi

In June 2018 as a part of a three-nation tour, India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi made a three day visit to Singapore. During his visit, the PM visited various famous tourist places in Singapore such as the National Orchid Garden of Singapore and Hindu temple Sri Mariamman. He also went to Chulia Mosque and Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. 

To make the prime minister's visit to the orchid garden memorable, an orchid had been named after him, “Dendrobium Narendra Modi”. This was a special gesture done by the National Orchid Garden of Singapore for the Indian Prime Minister. 

It is a strong and mighty tropical orchid that can cultivate upright inflorescence of around 38 cm long along with 14-20 precisely arranged flowers. The sepal of the plant is reddish-brown in color while the lip is an attractive feature of dark purple color. The petals are mahogany which is distinctive and well twisted. 

Dendrobium orchids are one of the most popular types of orchids. They are native to tropical and subtropical Asia. Dendrobium is epiphytes, so they grow on other plants, usually tree branches. The species are distinctive and vary in their features, for example, flowers of some might be small and pale, while others may have large flowers, and some plants drop their leaves in fall while some hold them up across the year. The best time to plant dendrobium orchids is either at the initial stage of the growing season or after the orchid has finished flowering. 

Dendrobium can easily be grown indoors however, it is very necessary to pay attention to them for their health and blooming growth

These types of orchids are usually grown in small pots with proper gardening tools and placed by a bright sunny window if kept indoors. During the growing season, you can water them often, however, during the winter season you may want to stop it. 


Dendrobium plants require partial sunlight but if grown indoors, they need to be placed near the most luminous window to ensure blooming growth. If you can spot keikis on the plant then it indicates that the plant isn’t receiving enough sunlight. On the contrary if you can see yellow leaves it would mean that the plant has been receiving too much sunlight. So considering these things you can then decide the further course of action. 


For such orchids, it is important to grow them in a special mixture and not a regular potting soil. You should use a ready commercial orchid potting medium. This contains fir bark, peat moss, or perlite. If you have these ingredients available with you, you can make a mixture of your own too.


Don’t overwater them as it could make the root rot which would lead to a yellow and weak plant. Water the plants enough to keep the soil moisture especially during the growing season. In the winter months, you can reduce the amount of water given. 


For a healthy and strong orchid plant you need to regularly provide a well balanced orchid fertilizer to the plant. You can not miss it out during the growing season and ensure to follow the instructions given on the label. 

These orchids are beautiful in appearance and are well known for their profuse blooms that appear in various pastel tones. Often used as medical herbs for treatment of various disorders and diseases, these orchids are a great source of analgesic, anti-inflammatory, tonic, etc. However, they are also commonly used in decoration purposes and corsage. 

Know more about Orchid flowers

Orchids belong to the Orchidaceae family. This family includes more than thousands of varied species and is the largest botanical family of plants in India. Orchid is a beautiful and attractive flower that has been popular for many years. There are around 20000-30000 species of orchids across the world. They are popular because of their aromatic fragrance and mesmerizing beauty. Orchids are nowadays often used for decoration, display purposes, or worn as a corsage. Their structure includes petals, sepals, and a lip. The sepals and petals of this flower are very similar and therefore can be difficult to differentiate between them. The lip is created by the bottom petals and it is the spot where pollinators land. There are many other edible flowers having numerous health benefits. In short, flowers are great for you and your homes.

There are two main growth types of orchids. First is Monopodial orchids that grow from a single stem which would grow indefinitely and they have aerial roots. Monopodial orchids leave from the end of their stem and flowers grow from the sides of the base of leaves. The second is sympodial orchids. These are more common between the two types. Their stems are called pseudobulbs since they are shaped like bulbs. The pseudobulbs possess nutrients that are necessary for the plant in their growth. The flower grows from the end of the pseudobulb.  

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Q1: Are dendrobium orchid flowers edible?

Ans: The dendrobium orchid flowers are not edible in their original state but they are usually dried and then steeped in hot water to create tea. Dendrobium blooms are also often used as garnish. 

Q2: Can dendrobium orchids grow in water?

Ans: Until and unless proper care is taken and the correct amount of water is given, they can definitely grow well in water. It can be a much easier process than using soil however you would be required to be much more careful about its growth and care. 

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