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Basic Tools Indoor Gardeners Must Have

Indoor gardening, like any other hobby, is pleasurable but torturous. We are required to work in a constrained and limited space, leading to a container or vertical gardening, by employing sophisticated equipment designed for indoor gardening. The indoor gardening tools that are unique to each gardener assist in improving the gardening space, from simple to fancy, and even the function of a garden. Plants are so beautiful that they can add stars to the beauty of your home. One can gift plants to relatives or plant lovers. Just treat these small and awesome plants as your family and you will feel happy in taking care of them.

Garden tools include testing soil and water levels and designing the garden. Additionally, the price is a critical factor that motivates indoor gardening. If the gardener is determined, diligent, and creative, he can commence indoor gardening for far less than INR 7000, making his experience enjoyable and within a realistic budget. However, what thing requires the most amount is the tools. One must choose the best indoor plants and take care of them. These gardening tools will help you in taking care of indoor plants.  There is a proper indoor gardening tools kit accompanied by different indoor plant tools, which are pretty expensive but a must buy so as to have the best from the little seeds.. 

Let us see what these essential gardening tools are and what purpose they can achieve.

A Watering Can

The first thing that comes into our mind when discussing gardening is the watering can. After its fantastic design and function, a watering can indeed be one of a gardener's best friends. A watering can come in different sizes but must be appropriately fit inside and comfortable to be carried around. Usually, the appropriate design to look for is the watering can with a spout which makes watering easy and without bending, giving immense relaxation to your back. However, you will come through several designs and styles which are kid-friendly enough.

A Gardening Tester/Meter

Gardening is all about soil, water, and pesticides, including fun, science, and data. Nevertheless, how to go with the fun and science all alone? This can be done with a gardening test kit or meter that can measure the soil's pH value, sunlight level, and moisture. This equipment is essential because it offers a healthy garden and helps the gardener take great care of the indoor or outdoor plants.

Hand Fork

Indoor plants are quite different from outdoor ones. As outdoor plants have complete access to nutritious soil and mineral-rich underground water, the same is not with indoor plants. To keep the indoor plants up-to-date in nutrition and minerals, you need to add healthy fertilizers to their soil. This is possible if you dug the soil with hand forks. Hand forks work great to break the soil properly to fertilize them.

Self-Watering Pot

The lazy a person, the more innovative he can be to reduce his burden, and that is when there comes a self-watering pot that figures out itself the quantity of water to be offered to the plants and how frequently it is to be done. This then removes all the stress regarding the care of the plant when you are away from your lodging and protect your plant from dying.

Plant Stand

Not every individual has enough spacings inside their home to set up the pots accordingly. Thus, a proper organization of the plants is essential, which can be done with the help of an organized plant stand. With the plant stand, you can keep your plants in a neat and manageable way, even at your house's central point. Alternatively, you can go for the organization of the plants on the shelves if you do not wish to go for a plant stand.

Moisture Sensor Meter

Doing gardening with your help and interest gives a great satisfaction which you would always thrive for. So, we have a gadget for them: a moisture sensor meter that is fit enough to tackle the problem of watering thirsty plants timely. With the advanced innovation, there is also an easy-to-read needle meter, which reflects the water level in the soil, for better estimation.

There have been a plethora of tools concerned with indoor gardening and are also fit enough for professional use. One can also get the best indoor gardening accessories to beautify the garden more. So start with the revamping of your home garden now with these tools and seeds of your choice. 

UrjaSeeds allows you to have the best of vegetable seeds, flower seeds, microgreen seeds along with herb & exotic seeds all at one place. Urja Seeds provides high yield seeds online at best prices and with best delivery services so it's easy to start your own garden easily with the seeds and some gardening tools.


Q1: What essential gardening tools do professional gardeners use?

Ans: Tools are necessary for advanced gardening as they make the work quicker, easy, and fit enough to earn money. However, not all tools are worthy enough to be needed. Here, we will list a total of 7 tools for which you must go to make your gardening easy and excellent.

  •       Hand Trowel
  •       Hand Fork
  •       Spade
  •       Hoe
  •       Secateurs
  •       Sheers
  •       Rake

You can find these tools in different shapes and sizes, fit enough for big and small tasks. 

Q2: Why is it worth investing in the best indoor gardening accessories?

Ans: Gardening tools are pretty essential to make work easy and exciting. Thus it is pointless to go for the ones available in cheap quality. Cheap quality tools will not stay longer and will not work effectively up to expectations. Thus, gardeners, especially professionals, should always go for high-quality tools.

  •       It gets cheap as it can be used for a longer duration.
  •       Offers a quality finish at the end.
  •       It will not damage the plant.
  •       Do not offer any injury, pain, or body aches while in use.
  •       They are time efficient. 

Q3: How can you ensure safety while using gardening tools?

Ans: Even if gardening gives you thrill and enjoyment, it can offer you injuries when used with negligence. These injuries can be hazardous if no proper precautions are taken with time. Let us look at the different precautions one can take before gardening.

  • Be wise enough to work during the mornings or evenings to protect your body from the UV rays of the sun.
  • Make use of the pieces of equipment with the safety guards and after reading the manual. Without the manual's description, it can be easy not to go for acceptable use.
  • According to the kind of size, choose the right tool. If you are going for indoor gardening, you would require small tools.
  • Try to avoid the tools which do not fit your hand.
  • Use rubber gloves when using chemicals such as fertilizers to avoid contact with the body.

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