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What is World Soil Day? History, Significance, Themes & More

What is World Soil Day? WSD or the world soil day (even international soil day as it is sometimes known) takes place every year in December. The world soil health day is 5th December and the same applies for world soil day 2021 as well. Soil health day aims at focusing public attention on the growing importance of ensuring healthier soil for starting seeds while also advocating sustainable soil resource management.

One must be aware of how to take care of seedlings so as to have the best yield from the little seeds. Soil being one of the most important requirements must be best for the little seeds so to have maximum yield.

History and more information about world soil day 

Knowing the world soil day history is a fascinating insight in itself. The world soil day date was fixed only after the recommendation by the IUSS (International Union of Soil Science) for naming an international day to commemorate soil. Under the stewardship of none other than the Kingdom of Thailand, and within the Global Soil Partnership umbrella, there was the formal setting up of the WSD as it is known. This became a global platform for enhancing public awareness. The FAO Conference endorsed this date in June, 2013. Thereafter, it pleaded for the official adoption of this day at the General Assembly of the United Nations. In December 2013 itself, the Assembly designated this day. The world soil day is on 5th December, and it started being observed from the year 2014 onwards. 

Significance of WSD 

WSD has immense significance to say the least. It has been implemented as a means of encouraging children to understand the need for healthy soil. FAO also came up with the salty experiments with soil for children as a result, endorsing the journey for exploring how food starts right beneath the ground. Living in the soil is another such initiative, and a story has been created in the form of a comic for enabling greater learning about the mysteries and insights behind soil.

Themes at present 

A major theme of WSD at present is soil salinization which represents a growing threat towards global food production. In fact, white crusts upon the soil indicate that it is salty. Salts come naturally ingrained in soil and also in water, while they can freely move through soil as well. Naturally saline types of soils may also back thriving ecosystems although natural procedures such as human activities, unsuitable irrigation, and drought, may lead to an increase in the salt content of soil. This procedure is also known as salinization. Hence, it leads to soil breakage while lowering its ability to help in growing food. 

Soil sodification and salinization are key procedures for degrading soil and this is a big threat for several ecosystems while being recognized as one of the most vital global problems for mainstream agricultural produce and food security along with long-run sustainability, especially throughout regions with an arid climate. Soils with higher salt have a huge effect on overall functions like lower productivity from an agricultural standpoint, biodiversity of soil, quality of water, and erosion of soil alike. Soils affected by salt may not be as good buffers against various types of pollutants. Soils affected by salts may hinder the ability of crops to absorb water, while impacting micronutrient count as well. 

One of the major campaigns under WSD is Halt soil salinization, which boosts soil productivity. This campaign aims at increasing overall awareness about maintenance of a healthy ecosystem and overall well being through tackling soil management challenges. To commemorate this, a virtual ceremony will be conducted by FAO on 3rd December with the Director General taking part. The winners of the King Bhumibol WSD award and World Soil Prize will also be declared. 

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Q1: What is the full form of WSD? 

Ans: The full form of WSD is World Soil Day. 

Q2: When is the world soil day celebrated? 

Ans: The world soil day is celebrated on 5th December every year. 

Q3: When did the world soil day start? 

Ans: The world soil day started from the 5th of November, 2014, onwards. 

Q4: What is a leading campaign under WSD in recent times? 

Ans: The recent campaign under World Soil Day is Halt soil salinization, boost soil productivity. 

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