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Growing Iceberg Lettuce is easy at home- Know how

You must have heard about iceberg lettuce. This popular variety of fresh iceberg lettuce attained global recognition back in the 1920s throughout California’s Salinas Valley. It was then shipped throughout the U.S. on ice in trains, leading to the moniker of iceberg lettuce. 

Ever since, it has become one of the most popular varieties of lettuce over the years, available at most leading restaurants and known for its signature crunchy texture. Iceberg lettuce salads have also become popular items on the menu for several people across the world. Even though there are many varieties present today, growing iceberg lettuce is still a rewarding experience, in terms of taste and overall satisfaction alike! This particular lettuce is known for its ball form instead of its leafy texture. The heads are denser and smaller while the iceberg lettuce leaf is usually bright green on the outer side while the inner texture is light green or even yellow. It may also be white at times. 

Health benefits and nutritional facts about iceberg lettuce

Before we get into how to grow iceberg lettuce from a stump or growing iceberg lettuce seeds, knowing about its health benefits is very essential. Here’s taking a look at the same: 

  • Contains water in high amounts, making it suitable during scorching summers. 
  • It also ensures high amounts of Vitamin C, potassium, folate, and calcium. 
  • Vitamin C content boosts the immune system while functioning as an antioxidant. 
  • Vitamin K content works to combat bone fractures in collaboration with calcium. It is essential for proper blood clotting as well. 
  • Calcium in iceberg lettuce helps in building the strength of the teeth and bones while boosting nerve and muscle functioning. 
  • Folate helps with genetic content and DNA while being important for women who are expecting. 
  • Vitamin A helps with eye health and vision, along with boosting the growth of cells. 
  • Potassium content ensures reduction of blood pressure, by lowering the impact of salt on the body. 

How to use iceberg lettuce in foods

Iceberg lettuce can be readily used in the form of a salad that is tasty and healthy, preferably with a drizzle of olive oil over the same. Many people remove the external leaves before consumption although thorough washing means that this is not always necessary. 

Keep lettuce refrigerated properly and do not store it for too many days, i.e. eat within a few days of purchasing it. The milder flavour of iceberg lettuce makes it suitable for several recipes including sandwiches, salads, dressings, and even other dishes like grilled chicken. Do not overcook it since this will lead to the crunchy texture vanishing altogether. In fact, iceberg lettuce can also be used in wraps. 

Growing guide for iceberg lettuce

You must be wondering how to plant iceberg lettuce seeds or how to grow iceberg lettuce at home in India. You should know the right techniques if you were thinking about how to grow iceberg lettuce indoors or growing iceberg lettuce in pots/containers. Lettuce is ideally grown with exposure to the sun although the plants may wilt with excessive heat. 

You can start your iceberg lettuce growing time-lapse by planting iceberg lettuce seeds around four weeks before the last dregs of winters and transplanting them outdoors around mid or late spring. If you are growing the lettuce in summer, always go for an area that has some shade at least or an area that gets ample exposure to natural light without scorching heat that can damage the lettuce. 

Wondering how to harvest iceberg lettuce so it keeps growing? Lettuce can usually grow in several types of soils although you should ideally maintain loose and cool soil with pH levels between 6.2-6.8. The location should have organic manure and compost. Seeds should be transplanted directly in early spring as mentioned, and prepare the soil beds earlier by working the compost and the manure, while also levelling it smoothly. Always sow your seeds deep by 1/8 inches and the rows of seedlings should be 12-18 inches apart from each other. 

You can sow the 1-inch cells around three to four weeks prior to outdoor transplantation. Harden them by lowering water count and temperature for about three days before you transplant them outside. Have proper covers for preventing exposure to the cold and direct sunlight along with insects. Always keep growing multiple varieties and plants in succession every two weeks. Put plants where they will have some shade from taller plants. Mulching is necessary for ensuring adequate moisture and also keeping weed growth at bay. Fertilizing may help in quicker growth although do this carefully. Light watering is recommended on a consistent basis. It’s actually very easy to grow exotic vegetables at home along with growing microgreens in your vegetable garden. So do start your vegetable garden now and if you are already having the garden at home, you may be interested in some tips to revamp the vegetable garden so your vegetables seeds’ yield increase.

About Urja Seeds

Urja Seeds is an entity under Urja Agriculture, and is one of the finest repositories of seeds online which includes vegetable seeds, flower seeds, exotic and herb seeds and also micro-green seeds. You will get doorstep delivery of every type of seed that you can think of, along with vast information and guidance on cultivation, harvesting, growing tips, and more.


Q1: When was iceberg lettuce invented? 

Ans: Iceberg lettuce was reportedly invented by Burpee Seed Co in the year 1894. 

Q2: How should you store iceberg lettuce after purchasing it at the market? 

Ans: You should make sure that you properly refrigerate iceberg lettuce after purchasing it from the market. Make sure that you consume it within a few days. 

Q3: How can you consume iceberg lettuce? 

Ans: You can use iceberg lettuce for consumption with salads, dressings, wraps, sandwiches, and the like. 

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