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Grow unique Purple Capsicum now - Know its benefits

Are you considering growing purple bell pepper or capsicum as we call it? Purple capsicum is one of the numerous varieties of this delightful vegetable that can be a valuable addition to almost any dish. Bell peppers are suitable for almost anything, be it cooked or even raw. They come in several colours like purple, yellow, red, and green. 

The purple beauty pepper name is common for this variety and so is the purple beauty bell. Purple beauty bell peppers have thick fruits which turn into delicious vegetables for consumption. The fruits are often grown only for their aesthetic or ornamental aspect. They are also tasty, to say the least! 

Health benefits of purple capsicum

You must be wondering, are purple bell peppers natural? Well, they are 100% natural and actually come with multifarious health benefits. Apart from the great purple bell pepper taste and texture, here are some of the other points that you should keep in mind: 

  • They offer all the nutrients contained in several other types of peppers. These include Vitamins C, A, B6 and also Folate along with vital minerals. 
  • The purple bell peppers are lower in calories and high in fibre, which is good for the digestive system. 
  • The purple colour is derived from anthocyanins and these contribute towards reducing overall high blood pressure risks. They also ensure HDL cholesterol levels in the body are taken care of. 
  • They may boost eye health when consumed in suitable amounts. 

How to use Purple Capsicum in foods

There are many ways to use purple bell peppers or capsicum in regular food items. You can use them as a part of your regular salads, and simply consume them raw after washing. You can also boil and cook them before putting them into the salad, preferably with a little olive oil on top. You can also cook purple bell pepper and make it a part of various stews and curries in combination with meats, other vegetables, and edibles. There are many herbs and vegetables that help in building a strong immune system of yours. Start eating healthy now.

Growing guide for purple bell pepper 

You should first get hold of good purple bell pepper seeds from a reputed place. Thereafter, make sure that you give these purple capsicum seeds the right amount of heat. You can grow them in a similar manner as other varieties of bell peppers. They enjoy getting exposed to heat and should not be planted externally until the temperatures are a minimum of 21 degrees C. You can start growing them indoors around eight weeks before the last snow/frost conditions in the locality. Make sure that there is a proper soil mixture, putting in the seeds approximately ¼- ½ deep. It’s very important to take care of seedlings, otherwise they might not grow what you expect.

Make sure that the seedlings harden, prior to transplantation outdoors once there is suitable warmth. They also need ample space. Make sure that you maintain a distance of a minimum of 18 inches between the plants. You should ensure suitable fertility of the soil, exposure to sunlight and proper drainage alike. It will take about 70-80 days for these purple bell peppers to steadily ripen. You should also remember that they may transform into a reddish hue once they start maturing. Choose to consume them while they still remain purple. Upon cooking, the colour may change instantly to green, so keep this fact in mind as well. So growing vegetables doesn't require any special study. It can be done easily by a common man too. It's easy to grow microgreens at home as well as exotic vegetables in your garden. Keep growing and eating vegetables.

About Urja Seeds

Urja Seeds is a part of Urja Agriculture, and a one-stop destination for getting seeds online which includes various types of exotic and herb seeds, vegetable seeds, flower seeds, and micro-green seeds. You can also find a wealth of knowledge regarding growing and harvesting many types of plants, along with tips on nutrients, health benefits, soil and other facets of cultivation. 


Q1: What is the other name of purple capsicum? 

Ans: Purple capsicum is also known as purple beauty bell pepper or purple beauty bell. 

Q2: Does the purple capsicum change colour? 

Ans: Purple capsicum will change its colour to red once it fully matures. At the same time, cooking purple capsicum will lead to the colour changing to green. 

Q3: Why is capsicum known as bell pepper? 

Ans: The bell-esque shape of this vegetable led to the acronym of bell pepper as per several reports and studies. 

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