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Guide to Growing Radishes From Seed

Radishes are hardy cool-weather annuals. They can have globe-shaped roots or long, tapered roots. They are available in white, red, or black roots. A rosette of long, lobed leaves grows from their roots as well. They are cool-weather crops. For the best taste and texture, radishes are best grown in the spring or fall. Radishes are companion plants, meaning they're good to plant next to beans, onions, cucumbers, and parsnips. Companion planting has many benefits, including improved plant growth, pest control, and increased garden space. 

Radishes cultivation conditions:

  • It should be planted in the garden about 2 to 3 weeks before the average last frost date in spring. Spring and autumn succession crops should be sown every 2 or 3 weeks.
  •  Radishes mature between 22 and 70 days after planting. The harvest should be completed before the weather becomes warm. 
  • Radishes are best grown late in the autumn and early in the winter if the climate is mild. Each month, plant 15 radishes per household member. 

The types of radish

You can grow Radishes for winter or spring crops. Small red varieties are commonly grown for spring crops. Radishes grown in winter are large, oblong, and can reach 8 to 9 inches in length. The Cherry Belle (22 days) and the Burpee White (25 days) crop are for the spring crop. During the winter, there are two crops: 'Black Spanish' (55 days) and 'White Chinese' (60 days).

How to grow radish step-by-step

1. Selection and preparation of the planting site

Choose a sunny spot for your plant. The leaves of radish plants will grow bigger and larger if they are planted in too much shade or where neighboring vegetables shade them. Organic matter should be rich in the soil, but it shouldn't be compacted. Sand can help loosen clayey soils while improving drainage if they are more clay-like. Add aged compost or all-purpose fertilizer to the planting area as soon as the soil becomes workable (see packaging for how much to use). Prepare your garden bed by tilling it to remove rocks and dirt clods.

Crop rotation should be three years long. Ideally, only plant radishes in the same location every third year. By doing so, you will prevent diseases from spreading

2. The Planting and Spacing of Radishes

Raising Radishes is best done in wide rows spaced between 1 to 4 inches (2.5-10cm) apart and 12 inches (12mm) deep. Winter varieties should be planted in greater space. It is recommended that single lines or mounded ridges are spaced 10-15 inches (25-40 cm) apart. 

3. Radishes growing in a container

Containers can be used to grow radishes. Radish seeds should be sown in containers that are at least 6 inches (15 cm) deep. Radishes should be planted in concentric circles in containers that are at least 6 inches (15 cm) deep. If the weather becomes too warm, move the containers to a cool location.

4. Taking care of radish

Keep radish planting beds moist but not wet. If water is provided regularly, the plants will grow quickly. Lack of moisture will result in a woody taste to the radish. It’s very important to provide the required amount of water to sprout radishes successfully. Use aged compost to prepare planting areas. Use aged compost to top-dress radishes at midseason. When grown during the long summer days, radishes will bolt and go to seed. You should cover your plants in midsummer so that they receive no more than eight hours of sunlight. Radishes grow quickly if their water is evenly distributed. Their taste will be hot if they grow slowly. The root maggots and aphids that attack radishes can destroy them. Remove foliage that is infested. Pests don't usually bother radishes because they grow so quickly. Using organic or noninvasive pesticides will help.

5. The harvesting of radishes

Radish plant growth is quite rapid. Radishes must be harvested within 20 to 30 days of blooming. They must be harvested between 50 and 60 days after blooming. When the roots are one inch in diameter, radishes are ready to harvest. When the radishes are the right size, lift the entire plant. When deciding if they are large enough to harvest, lift a few or gently push the soil aside. Keep radishes out of the ground as long as possible to prevent them from getting pithy.

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Q1: Radishes grow during which seasons?

Ans: Radishes are best grown in the spring when the ground can be worked for the first time. If you want a constant supply of radishes, plant new seeds every 10-14 days until the weather reaches about 65 degrees. After the temperature gets that warm, you should stop planting radishes until the weather cools down again. Radishes can be planted in late summer for harvest in the fall for spring and winter varieties.

Q2: What is the best place to plant my radishes?

Ans: Plant radishes in an area that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight every day in light, well-drained soil. Plant long varieties of radishes in soil that has been tilled to approximately 8 inches depth.

Q3: How long does it take to grow radishes from seed?

Ans: Radishes grow quickly. Radishes are among the fastest-growing vegetables. Considering it only takes about four weeks for them to grow to harvest, it's great for kids. In some varieties, they are ready in 21 days. Ideal for beginners or kids.

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