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3 Must-Know Plant-Health Hacks for Every Plant Parent

Not everyone is a born-gardener, but fortunately, you can learn many tips and hacks to keep your plants healthy. If you are a plant parent, Urja Seeds is here to share a few hacks with you. Because we believe in sharing is caring!

Too good to be ignored plant hacks

  1. Kitchen scraps to your rescue!

 Use eggshells, fruit peels, vegetable rinds, coffee grounds, and even brewed tea leaves to make DIY compost. These items are great to use as natural feed and fertilizer for the plants.


DIY Trick

  • Grind the kitchen scraps to bits.
  • Add a little water and grind it again to make a liquid paste.
  • Feed the paste to your plants and watch them grow faster.


  1. Save that brewed tea.

 It is one of our favourite houseplant hacks. Take a tea break with your green buddies once in a while. Substitute brewed tea when watering, and let the plants enjoy it. It will give your plants a lush appearance.


  1. Damp sponge as a water reservoir!

 Here’s another clever hack to save your plants from drying out. Before potting, you can tuck a sponge at the bottom. Not only will it act as a water reservoir, but it will also prevent a gusher if you overwater.

Plant parenting can be tricky and requires patience, knowledge, and a few tips, tricks, and hacks to save your day. We really hope you enjoyed these plant-health hacks. We hope they make a big difference in your growing success.

Try them all, and you’ll absolutely love the results. Keep following Urja Seeds for everything garden-ary! You can also follow us on Instagram @urjaseeds for more exciting posts on farming, plants, and all-amazing gardening secrets.

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