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Ultimate Guide to Growing Watermelon.

Growing your watermelons and watching them ripen is a must for a watermelon fan. They’ll be juicy, and you can take them straight from your garden to your platter. Here is a quick guide to growing your favorite fruit.

  1. Seed Selection

 Select the best quality watermelon seeds from Urja Seeds. We’ve got you covered for a smaller growing space as well. You can choose Sugar Baby type for a 4x4 bed or lesser.


  1. Planting

 Sow the watermelon seeds ½ inch deep in seed-starting pots (preferably, compostable pots). You can also plant the seeds 1 inch deep directly in the soil outdoors.


  1. Transplanting

 It is advisable to transplant the seedlings after they have developed at least two sets of true leaves. Handle the roots with extreme care. The roots are fragile and don’t like to be disturbed.


PS: You won’t need this step if you directly sow the seeds outdoors.


  1. Watering

 Water the watermelons correctly right from the plantation to fruition. Keep the soil moist, not water-logged. Avoid wetting the leaves. Cut back on water once the fruit begins to grow. Doing so will produce the sweetest fruit.


  1. Fertilizing

 Feed the plant with nitrogen-rich fertilizer to encourage vine growth. Later, switch to a phosphorous and potassium-rich fertilizer when the flowering begins.


  1. Harvesting

 Here are the telltale signs indicating it is time for the harvest.


  • The tendrils where the vine attaches to the melon begin to turn brown and dry out.
  • The underside of the watermelon turns white or yellow.
  • Press on the outer shell. If it is firm, the fruit is ripe.

Tip: Cut the vine with a sharp knife about an inch from the watermelon.

And, last but the most important step is to savor the juicy fruit. At Urja Seeds, we don’t want you to miss out on the best flavor. Explore your choices here.

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