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Did You Know Plants Can Hear You?

Yes, you read that right. Plants do hear what’s happening around them. Their way of listening might slightly differ from how humans interact. But plants understand sounds that allude to their environs.

The study of plant perception has come a long way, and lately, research into plant behavior is becoming popular. Here, at Urja Seeds, we have researched a few experiments that prove plants can hear us. Below is one of the experiments we found the most intriguing.

Dr. Cleve Backster’s Polygraph Experiment

Dr. Cleve Backster, a well-known scientist, has performed numerous experiments on the subtle behavior of plants. One experiment was particularly telling in its outcome.

Dr. Backster connected a few plants to a polygraph machine. And while he was in the room with the plants, he thought of setting them on fire. The polygraph apprehended the fear experienced by the plants, and the pointer started to move.

Dr. Cleve, then, went outside and returned to the room with the thought of not hurting them. And the response was astounding. The pointer did not move at all because the plants were at ease.

Humans can’t read each other’s minds, but plants seem to do so – how do we explain this?

Plants may not have ears, but they can HEAR way better than we think. Not only do they hear our words but our emotions as well.

Another interesting fact

Hearing positive human words, music, or natural noises stimulates growth in plants. Don’t believe us? Start talking to your plants, and you’ll observe the changes.

Even better, grow a plant from scratch. That way, you will be more confident that healthy growth due to interaction with plants is a real thing. Order your favorite plant seeds from Urja Seeds, and hop into an exciting mission. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. Happy sowing and growing!

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