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10 Best Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

You would know that not everyone can take care of plants, that is, not everyone has a green thumb. But it is quite possible that you have someone in your life who adores plants and is obsessed with collecting houseplants or plants for their garden. We know that when we choose a gift for somebody, it should be thoughtful, practical and something that the person can use for a long time. But what could you choose for a person who loves plants? If you are not obsessed about plants yourself, you wouldn’t know what seeds or plants to give them. But, you should know that there are actually plenty of gifts that you could give to your favorite plant aficionado. You just have to think outside the …pot! You would get a range of creative and functional items both offline and online for your plant-loving friend. From artsy planters to botanical jewellery, that are both edible and plantable (yes, that is actually a word!) there are gifts for everyone who is into plants. Check out the list below to choose a gift for the plant love in your life.

Best ever gifts that you could gift to a plant lover

Here are the 10 best gift ideas to give to the plant lover in your life.

1. Birth Month Flower Grow Kit: 

Birthdays are always special occasions as they only come once in a year. On this day, we all expect something special, both in celebrations and gifts. For the birthday of your favorite plant lover, you could gift them this awesome Birth Month flower kit. Through this kit, they can grow their own blooms that symbolize their birth month in a special and unique way.

2. Cocktail Indoor Herb Garden Grow Kit: 

Sometimes all we want to do is get home from a long day at work, relax and enjoy our favorite cocktail. To help your favorite plant lover to unwind after a rough day, it would be great if you gifted them this DIY grow kit. Not only does it pack in their favorite pastime of growing a herb garden but also the enjoyment of pouring and enjoying a nice cocktail.

3. Leaf Supply: 

A guide to Keeping Happy House Plants: If your loved one loves plants but is just starting out in their passion for gardening, this guide would help them a lot in becoming a plant connoisseur. This guide has care instructions for more than 100 variations of houseplants and thus, will help your loved one become the best plant parent they can be.

4. Plant Mug: 

This is a gift option that you can never go wrong with. If your loved one adores plants and beverages too, you should give them a plant mug without a doubt. Choose an artful ceramic mug that would look beautiful in their collection. But ensure that you choose a mug that is also practical, meaning it is microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe.

5. Mid-Century Turned wood Table Tops Platers Collection: 

Planters are not only useful in holding indoor plants but also look great as home decor. Planting the right plants in planters lights up any living room, office or kitchen counter. You could gift your loved one a mid-century wood Table tops planters so that they can add beautiful decor to their home and follow their favorite hobby.

6. Indoor Gardening Kit: 

You can easily find this indoor gardening kit online on Amazon. This kit consists of a slim growing station for indoor plants. Your loved one can cultivate fresh herbs without any hassle. When you give this kit to your plant-loving friend, they only have to install the pre-seeded plant capsules, fill the water reservoir and after plugging it in, they just have to wait for the beautiful foliage to sprout and grow.

7. Glow & Grow Candle Grow Kit: 

Yet another awesome gift to help your loved one relax at home is this Glow & Grow Candle Kit. This kit is easily available online and contains soy-based, hand-poured candles which fill your home with a nature-inspired scent like lilac, germanium, fresh basil and so on. AFter the candle runs out, one can reuse the ceramic container as a planter for indoor plants.

8. Olive Tree Sapling: 

If you have been thinking about what to gift your plant-loving friend for Friendship Day and so far have had no ideas, fret not for we have the perfect gift idea. You would know that an olive branch symbolises friendship, so why not give your favorite plant lover an olive tree sapling? It is a very thoughtful gift that would make them extremely happy! Moreover, they can also pick fresh olives from the tree and enjoy in dishes like salads. Pasta and even in their favorite cocktails.

9. Indoor House Plant Box: 

If you are on a budget but do not want to skimp on a good herb-y gift for your loved one, you could buy them an Indoor house plant box which not only contains a beautiful plant box but also contains a planter, the right soil for the plant and also a detailed care card. You can choose which plant you want to give from a range of options including- air plants, succulents, aquatic plants and more.

10. Floral Bouquet Ceramic Diffuser:

We all want our house to not just look good but smell good too. To add to the beauty of your loved one’s place, you could gift them this marvellous Floral Bouquet Ceramic Diffuser that you can easily find online. This diffuser comes with artfully designed planters with real botanicals that would fill any space with their fresh, summery scent. It is an excellent gift option for your loved one for any kind of occasion.

Besides the above-listed gift items, you could also gift your loved one a plant. There are amazing ideas also for hanging planters. You could choose from a variety of options including winter plants, mood-boosting herbs, flowering plants and more. If you are not sure about any plant, you could just get them a succulent, which is always a safe option and looks great indoors.

You could even gift your loved ones various vegetables seeds or flowers seeds. You will get premium-quality seeds online at Urja Seeds at the most affordable rates and you can see the fine quality of seeds when they start germinating and growing into beautiful, healthy plants.

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