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Bitter Gourd Farming in India

Botanical Name: Momordica charantia

Family: Cucurbitaceae

Dark green leaves and yellow flowers clothe the luscious stems of Bitter Gourd, a climbing vine with slightly fuzzy stems. Popularly known as Karela, it possesses high nutritive and medicinal value. It is grown for its bitter tender fruits that are rich in vitamin A, B, C, and are a powerhouse of proteins and minerals.

Bitter Gourds consumed in any form boost your body’s immunity. And in times like today, when COVID-19 is once again on the surge, URJA Seeds is helping you sow and grow wellness. We offer high-yielding varieties of bitter gourd seeds for Bitter gourd farming such as Jhalri Supreme, F-1 Hybrid US 555, Green Long Special, F-1 Hybrid Pure Green and more.

Here’s a quick guide to bitter gourd farming / Karela farming –


It is best to plant the seeds using the dibbling method for successful germination of seeds. In this, sowing is done with the help of a dibbler – a wooden or iron frame with pegs. The frame is pressed in the field and lifted, and then 1-2 seeds are dropped in the hole. But before this, ensure that the land is ploughed well. Use the right gardening tools for sowing the seeds so to have best results at the end from these little seeds.

Bonus Urja Seeds' Tips for Bitter gourd farming in India

  • Seeds should be sown at a distance of 40-45 cm.
  • Seed depth should be between 2-3 cm.
  • Row distance must be between 200-250 cm.
  • Before sowing, soak the seeds in Boron for 24 hours.

Bitter Gourd Cultivation in India

First irrigation must be given after sowing, and thereafter the crop must be watered every 6-7 days. A total of 8-9 irrigations are required before harvesting. Hybrid Bitter Gourd Cultivation can happen in loamy, drained sandy, black soil or alluvial soil. Ensure best soil mix for seeds so they get proper nutrition and hence give high yield at the end.


The best time to pick the bitter gourds is almost 12-16 weeks after plantation when the fruits are 4-6 inches long. However make sure to spray your crops with pesticides to avoid bitter gourd pests such as aphids, melon fruit fly, red pumpkin beetle.

We hope this was a good read. If you are up for planting bitter gourds, order the best quality seeds from Urja Seeds right away. Happy sowing! 

About Urja Seeds

Urja Seeds is an agricultural seeds online store that specialises in premium and good quality vegetable seeds, exotic seeds, micro green seeds and flower seeds. Urja Seeds provides online delivery to all its customers. The seeds are of the highest quality and are packed with nutritional benefits and freshness. By employing continuous development and research activities over the years and establishing expertise in this field, Urja Seeds offers its customers high yielding seeds for their kitchen garden. 


Q1: Can I start Bitter gourd cultivation in Polyhouse?

Ans: Yes. Polyhouse farming is great for Bitter gourds. It helps you to regulate the temperature in which your Bitter gourd farming takes place. It facilitates year long cultivation and harvesting. The problem of pests and insects is also reduced when you undertake Polyhouse Organic Bitter gourd farming.

Q2: What are the Bitter Gourd Farming methods ?

Ans: Bitter gourd agriculture takes place through the sowing method. The Dibbling method of sowing is applied wherein the seeds are sown at 2.5 to 3 cm depth. They are spaced at 120x90 cm distance. If you want to try bitter gourd cultivation in Maharashtra, Bitter gourd cultivation in Kerala or Bitter Gourd cultivation in Karnataka, you can get the best quality seeds from Urja!

 Q3: How many days does Bitter gourd take to grow?

Ans: The process of Bitter gourd farming from sowing the seeds to harvesting can take around 55 to 60 days. They grow the best in the summer season. 

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