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Round Gourds are very healthy for you. Grow them easily at your home.

With the increasing emphasis on health and environmental concerns, a lot of people are turning to growing their own vegetables. This has numerous benefits - you know what you are eating, you are grateful towards food, and you have the choice to grow the things you want to.

One of the most popular choices is the round gourd vegetable, also known as tinda.

Health Benefits of Round Gourds 

Round Gourds are considered one of the most important vegetables, because of their abundant health benefits. These contain carotenoids which strengthen your immune system. 

It is also beneficial for eye health, and we all know how important that is these days especially because of how everyone is always using screens. 

Often deemed as a boring vegetable, it can be used in a variety of dishes in different regions of India. Its versatility is what makes it one of the most practical vegetables to exist. 

If you have been considering starting your own vegetable garden, then round gourds are an easy and obvious choice. Growing round gourds is not a tough task, but it does require some level of consideration and care. 

When To Grow Round Gourds?

In India’s sub-tropical climate, it grows well during the hotter part of the year. The ideal temperature for the  successful seed’s germination is between 25-32 degrees celsius. 

The ideal round-gourd harvest time is between January and February so that they can be halfway through their development by the time April comes. 

Round Gourd Cultivation

When you are getting ready for growing round gourds, you will need to remember a few things, which we have listed down below. 

First thing is to acquire a large bed of soil, and other tools for harvesting. These include the appropriate soil, seeds, fertilizer, gardening tools, and other such things. 

When you are in the preparation process, you should keep the following things in mind 

1. Preparing the Bed 

Tinda seeds should be planted in one-foot ridges. Each seed should be planted at a distance of 4-6 feet because these tend to spread around. 

If you live in a colder climate, you can try growing it in a smaller pot inside your house where you can replicate the climate it needs to grow. 

2. Preparing the Tinda seeds 

Prior to planting, you should soak the seeds so that they can germinate. It's very important to take care of seedlings so only one can expect good yield. Do not overcrowd the container, there should be a gap of 3-4 cms between each seed so that they can develop fully. 

Seeds take 7-15 days to germinate. If you are using the vertical method, which helps reduce space and effort, you can just soak them overnight. 

Taking Care of Your Plants

Just planting the seeds is not enough, you will have to be diligent with your methods in caring for them. 

A. Irrigation

  1. Irrigate the fields once before you plant the seeds. This should be done generously. 
  2. It is necessary to provide the required amount of water to the gourds so that they can grow properly. Avoid drowning them but also do not starve them of nourishment either.
  3. It is advised that as soon as you sow the seeds, you lightly irrigate the plant bed so that the soil and seeds settle down comfortably. This will activate the process.
  4. In summers, you will have to keep note of the moisture in the soil and keep nourishing it whenever necessary. 
  5. If you are in an arid region, try drip irrigation. 

 B. Nutrient Management

  1. It is advised that you use chemical fertilizers and organic manure in order to provide nutrients to your crop. 
  2. There are various chemical fertilizers present in the market which can help you with different areas. A combination of phosphorus and potassium helps in seed germination. Nitrogen stimulates early growth.

Some other factors to keep in mind when growing round gourds 

  1. Round gourds require ample sunlight. Make sure you have placed them in an area where they can get sunlight for the maximum amount of time. During summers, remember to not keep them under direct sunlight for too long as it can have negative effects. 
  2. Always keep an eye out for fungal infection/insect attacks. If the leaves are of an unnatural colour, or the plant is droopy, investigate it.
  3. The manure soil ratio should be 2:1

Choosing The Right Seeds

To begin with, you need to have the right seeds. Since everything is digital now, you can find tinda seeds online. The most preferable kind are round gourd seeds.

Round gourd/tinda seeds are small and dark brown in color. You need to recognise them so that you are not being cheated on by falsified products. You can head over to our site to see clear images of the seeds and how the plants will look once they sprout. There is one more variety of round gourd seeds named as Navneet Tinda Seeds. One can try that also in the kitchen garden. 

We, at Urja Seeds, firmly believe that we have the best quality seeds which you can use to start your cultivation journey.

About Urja Seeds

One of the most trusted brands in India for agricultural seeds online, Urja seeds is a part of the Urja Agriculture Company. We specialize in premium exotic seeds, flower seeds, micro green seeds and vegetable seeds.

It is our goal to make farming and horticulture accessible to all. When we all start growing plants and taking care of them, we are contributing to the ecosystem in a small yet significant way. 

Even though it may seem like an overwhelming task, growing round gourds is not that tough. In fact, you can start with one small pot, just for practice. 

Our prices are affordable, and the quality is the best in the market. You can start your own small garden even if you have a small budget. When you will see your hard work gain fruition (literally!), you will feel proud of yourself and also get a sense of accomplishment. Urja Seeds wants to help you experience that.

We hope you will have a good time growing your plants!


Q1: What is the average time for round gourds to ripen?

Ans: Round gourds take 100-180 days to ripen.

Q2: How many gourds can one plant produce?

Ans: An average round gourd produces 3-4 plants. However don’t be dejected if yours only produces 2, it depends on the size of your container, the climate and your ways of maintaining it. 

Q3: What soil type is best for round gourds?

Ans: Sandy loamy soils are perfect for round gourds.

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