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5 easiest to grow vegetables for Indian homes

Gardening is something a lot of people are passionate about and even find therapeutic. However, living in the cities, it gets a little difficult to maintain your own personal planters. That’s why a lot of people are looking for some of the easiest plants to grow at home considering how convenient it becomes to maintain and nurture the plant especially when you cannot house proper gardening and/or planting equipment. 

So, here, we have created a list of the 5 easily grown plants that you can plant in your garden without any hassles of proper gears. Just some pots, soil and fertilizers and other basic necessities and you are good to go! easy planting is now your forte, we promise! 

Here are some easy and quick growing vegetables - 

1] Coriander

Not just a well-known garnisher, this plant is the heart of any dish. The flavours left behind my fresh corianders make the dish so scrumptious that it leaves you wanting more! And, our all-time favourite green chutneys usually house this plant as the star ingredient! And the best part? They are easiest to grow! Here how – 

  • Take a few coriander seeds and break them into two halves by applying slight pressure and soak the seeds in water all night.
  • Mix some compost, red soil and sand with the potting mix to prepare your soil
  • Sow them in soil one inch deep and cover with half an inch of the soil on top. Ensure the plant is placed in an area that receives a lot of sunlight and do not overwater.
  • The germination process starts in about 2-3 weeks (at 12 to 20 degrees Celsius) and you must thin the plants so they can grow well
  • Harvest them once they are ready 

2]  Tomatoes

Another member from the easy to grow vegetables category is a tomato. From croutons and tomato soups to basil tomato pasta, this vegetable is a classic. You can grow gorgeous, juicy and ripe tomatoes at your home with not much to worry about. But be careful about the tomato pests that may destroy your tomato plants. Take proper care of these precious plants. 

  • Grab a warm and dark spot for your tomato plant
  • Prepare your soil by using potting mix, compost, red soil or some rich gardening soil
  • Sow tomato seeds at a distance from each other at about 3 to 4 inches deep and lightly cover them with soil and sprinkle some water
  • Spray water for 2-3 days at least till the seeds start sprouting. Do not overwater as the seeds require a very little amount until their germination period
  • After the leaves start to grow, transplant the saplings in a larger pot and stake it on all four sides. You can start transplanting once the plant grows about three fourths of the pot.
  • Ensure you spray pesticides since the plant is likely to catch mealybugs or leaf miners once in a fortnight. 

3] Cucumber

We all love this cool vegetable that brings in a blast of freshness to anything. Be it sandwiches or mojitos or even salads, they taste amazing. You probably didn’t consider this but growing cucumbers at home is pretty easy too! Cucumber farming is done at an extensive scale in India. 

  • For cucumbers, it advised to grow 2-3 plants together at once so they can grow together on the trellis
  • Before sowing the cucumber seeds, soak them overnight in water
  • Sow them 5mm deep and cover with soil loosely and keep the soil moist at all times
  • When four true leaves start to show the seeds start to germinate, so you should transplant them into bigger pots
  • Ensure the plant receives sunlight every day for 6-8 hours
  • You can harvest when the fruits are ready 

4] Chilies

Another one of the easy vegetables to grow at home is the chilli plant. This spicy plant is one of the main ingredients in many Indian cuisines and gives so much of flavour! Surely, you do not want to miss out the chance of planting chillis in your kitchen garden. 

  • Chillies grow well in warm weather so around 18-20 degrees Celsius should be a perfect temperature
  • Keep the soil moist by sprinkling water often but not overwatering it daily till the seeds turn into seedlings
  • Place the chilli seeds at a distance of 2-3 inches each
  • The next day of sowing, press the seeds to the soil gently and cover either with some mulch or hay
  • The germination process begins in about 7-10 days. Keep on watering nicely so the soil is moist. Make sure the pot has enough drain holes and the plant receives a good amount of sunlight
  • Once the plant starts to flower, water less than you did before and harvest the fruit once it has fruited. 

5] Lettuce

Certainly, this ingredient is one of the classics in many juicy burgers and salads and it is just as easy to grow them in your home garden. It is one of the easy vegetables to grow in pots and you don’t need any hassles while nurturing it into fruition. Lettuce seeds are of different varieties. Some of them are Iceberg Lettuce seeds, Romaine Lettuce seeds, Lolla Rossa Lettuce seedsRed Rose Lettuce seeds, Green Curled Lettuce seeds, Great Lakes Lettuce seeds and many more. 

  • Taking a potting mix that is rich in nutrients for the best yield. You can even add compost, dry leaves, food scraps to the soil.
  • Add the seeds with an inch of distance from each other and cover lightly with soil
  • Sprinkle enough water to keep the soil moist
  • The germination process takes place in about 7-10 days and in this period make sure the plant receives adequate sunlight and the soil is kept moist all the time
  • Thin them about when you see 2-3 tiny leaves after the germination process
  • 6-8 weeks after planting is when your plant is ready to harvest. Harvest them in the morning hours to get the best yield 

Surely, you now have an idea about some of the easiest vegetables to grow from seed and are probably looking to plant them sooner! Quick growing vegetables in pots is a good choice because not only can you fulfil your desire to nurture your own garden but also allows you to have your very own home garden.         

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Q1] How much sunlight does a cucumber plant usually require?

Ans: The cucumber plant usually required around 6-8 hours of sunlight each day.  

Q2] When is the best time to grow coriander?

Ans: Late March until early September is the best time to cultivate coriander.

Q3] Can you grow chilies all year round?

Ans: Chilies are harvested as a Kharif crop between May to June and as a Rabi crop between September to October. 

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