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Tomato Seeds

We at URJA believe in providing best quality seeds at the most affordable prices. We encourage people to grow their own vegetables in their backyards / kitchen gardens so as to enjoy the fresh and chemical free food!!!

Happy sowing, growing and eating!

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Buy tomato seeds online for home garden from Urja seeds

Tomato is a vitamin C opulent versatile vegetable that finds its use in an array of food items from salads to tempering of several pulses. It can be consumed raw, cooked in the form of chutneys and many more.. The best part about tomatoes is that they are quite easy to grow at home as well.So,you don't have to run those early morning errands to your local grocery store the next time you run short of tomatoes. But be careful about the tomato pest and diseases these plants can have. So use the best soil for seeds so seeds get proper nutrients and various pests stay away from plants.

Also use of proper gardening tools is a must so seeds can be sown at right depth as required and give high yield as desired.

Tomato seeds varieties

At Urja Seeds,we sell a variety of tomato seeds online and we also sell hybrid tomato seeds online which are intentionally cross pollinated in order to combine superior characteristics of 2 plants such as:
  • F1 hybrid tomato seeds(ARJUN 14115)- tolerant to leaf curl and fusarium wilt ,one of the most common issues with tomatoes growing in warmer regions and India,having a tropical climate particularly suffers from diseases of crops. Also their yield is quite good.
  • The F1 hybrid tomato seeds (VAIBHAV)- Broader leaves and fruits have a deep red flossy colour.Ideal for long distance transportation.
  • Tomato seeds Jayant- Considered to be suitable for the monsoon season. Has round red fruits

Why trust Urja Seeds?

At Urja Seeds,we provide one of the best quality tomato seeds at quite affordable prices with several varieties to pander to our customers requirements.By using our collection of seeds, you can be assured of good quality and quantity of the vegetables and flowers in your home garden. With an approximate seed count of 100 seeds per packet we ensure that our products are worth every penny spent by our customers. By seeding tomatoes at home with Urja Seeds,there is one thing you don't have to worry about and that is ,the quality of seeds. Buying seeds online from us ensures one of the best customer services and of course the quality.

We provide a large variety of flower seeds, microgreen seeds, vegetable seeds like cabbage seeds, brinjal seeds, onion seeds, spinach (palak) seeds, capsicum seeds etc. and exotic seeds online as well. So start your own kitchen garden easily with our high yielding seeds online and stay healthy always.


Q1) How long does it take for tomato seeds to grow?

Ans: If provided with optimal care,tomato seeds will take about 7-8 days for germination and you can expect a full grown tomato in just 2 months.

Q2) Can seeds be taken out of tomatoes and put in the soil to grow?

Ans: Yes,you can grow tomatoes from the seeds inside the tomato as well.Tomatoes are an easier veggie to grow at home.

Q3) Is it necessary to soak tomato seeds before planting in soil?

Ans: A pre-soak is not mandatory incase of tomatoes. However, soaking them prior to planting just speeds up its germination process.
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