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Why Are All My Vegetable Plants Turning Yellow?

Like an infant baby, your plants need your time and attention. They are too small to speak about their pain. But yes, plants can hear you. Moreover, they can understand your words and feelings like a perfect companion. So, as their parents you should know some plant health hacks and also take care of them as they do. Both your flower plants and vegetable plants need care otherwise their leaves turn yellow. Sometimes, you are unable to understand what exactly made your plant leaf yellow. The answer resides in your own deed. Recapitulate the activities you took for your plant one of those might have been overdone that caused yellow leaves on plants. This can be overwatering, iron deficiency due to wet roots, excess sunlight exposure and more.

Let's have a look at some reasons for leaves turning yellow

1. Overwatering or Underwatering: 

Both overwatering and underwatering is dangerous for your plant life. Excess of anything is wrong, likewise, excess of watering or not watering for days long makes your plant unhealthy and dead inside. Planting is not that difficult thing to go for and too easy to be taken lightly. One should know how to successfully germinate the seeds so as to have the best from the little seeds. Maintaining a schedule of 10-15 minutes of attention on a daily routine can make your plants look healthier and can benefit you in many ways. 

2. Nutrient Imbalance: 

Apart from basic factors there might be some internal deficiencies in your plant that caused yellowish texture in your plant leaf. These factors can be iron deficiency, calcium deficiency, nitrogen and more. These can be corrected by providing necessary fertilizers to your plant through local plant vendors who give door to door services or from a well established shop. You can also get packed material and pour it into your plant through simple steps. This is called feeding the soil. 

3. Pest eat: 

Insects with chewing mouthparts eat on plant leaf, stems, and other parts that affect the growth of the plant. Many of these insects leave their saliva on the leaf shell that produces leaf eating birds on it that slowly and gradually eat the entire leaf of the plant or stem leaving other leaves yellowish and eating them too at the end. 

4. Sunlight: 

Sunlight is the most important component when it comes to plant life although it can be done through fluorescent lights. But, this cannot be done with every plant, some of the indoor plants can grow and do photosynthesis with fluorescent lights, while others need adequate light to prosper. 

5. Weather: 

In excessive cold or excessive hot conditions plant leaves turn yellow. This can be due to burning of plant leaves due to hot weather or ice on leaves that can cause yellow texture. This can be taken under consideration by reading about plant texture and life and shifting them with the change in weather in order to save from getting yellow or, one can cut the yellow part of the leaf to prevent further spread. 

How To Fix Yellow Leaves On Plants?

Start taking care of your plants with these simple preventive measures to make them last longer: 

  • Don’t over water. Water them in small quantities twice a day. 
  • Make holes in the soil with help of 2-3cm diameter rod or with screwdriver. 
  • Provide exposure to sunlight during a good sunny day
  • Do regular cutting of rotten leaves
  • Enhance pest control activity to ensure healthy seeding
  • Ensure regular use of fertilizers for enhanced growth
  • Adapt them as your companion rather than your responsibility or duty. 

After knowing the causes and finding symptoms to your issue, it is the time to discuss how to fix your plant leaf. First and foremost basic step is to trim the yellow part of your leaves to stop further damage.  

Enlisted Below Are Some Steps One Should Consider To Fix Their Plants As Per The Complexity And Nature Of Their Plant: 

  • When you feel, you have over-watered your plants. In this situation dig the roots of your plant or make small holes to rinse off the excess water left after the soil absorption. Don’t make too big holes; it might wash off the fertilizers you pour into the soil. This will stop further spread of yellow texture due to overwatering. 
  • Improper fertilizing might cause yellow texture. So, make sure in this case visit some local plant vendor or shop to nutri check your plants. 
  • If pests cause yellow texture then some organic sprays can work for it. Use baking soda, Cinnamon or charcoal. Use it once a week every week to get rid of pests. Or, you can use this spray once a week or two to get safer from pests.  

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Q1 Can my plants turn from yellow to green again?

It is quite difficult to turn the yellow leaves back to green. One better option is to cut the yellow leaves, so that the other leaves are safe and healthy. It is important to analyse and know the reason for the leaves to turn yellow, to prevent further spreadings. The main reasons could be over or less watering, over or low exposure to sunlight, and many more. 

Q2 Should yellow leaves be cut off immediately?

Yes, it is a must that yellow leaves should be cut off immediately. This is because, when they are not pulled off it will naturally spread to the other leaves of the plant, so that the plant lives long. 

Q3 Which nutrient causes green leaves to turn yellow

Some nutrients like nitrogen move through soil easily and leeches away. Unless the fertilizer is frequently used, there will be less nutrient deficiencies that are turning the plant leaves yellow or pale green. 

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