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Cucumber Farming in India

Cucumber Farming in India

General Information

Botanical Name: Cucumis sativus

Family: Cucurbitaceae

Cucumber plants are large in size, triangular in shape, have hairy leaves and yellow flowers. Cucumbers contain 96% water and are rich sources of Vitamin K and Molybdenum (Mb) used to cure skin, kidney, and heart problems.

Cukes are popular crunchy, cool, and refreshing summer treats that nearly everyone loves. These were developed by early farmers in India and Urja Seeds is carrying forward the legacy by providing high-quality cucumber seeds to the farmers.

Suitable Climate and Soil for Cucumber Farming

It’s a warm-season crop and is very sensitive to frost. It grows best at a temperature between 25-35°C with an average rainfall of 20-30 cm. It is best to sow cucumber seeds in soils that are rich in organic matter and have a good drainage system (loamy soils).


Cucumbers are always started from seeds. Growing cukes from seeds is very easy! All it requires for the seeds to germinate is the right environment. If you are wondering where to get high-yielding varieties of cucumber seeds such as Poinsette, Hybrid Thai Green, Hybrid Bella, visit Urja Seeds.


Cucumber plants require a lot of care during the growth stage. They need to be fed lots of water and rich compost or a good water-soluble fertilizer. You can expect a bountiful harvest only if you provide the lovelies with utmost care.


Fruits must be picked when tender and young and while the seeds inside the fruit are still soft. It is best to pick the cucumbers before the change in color from green to yellow.

We hope this blog was helpful. If you want to purchase high-quality seeds or if you have any related queries, do not hesitate to contact us. At Urja Seeds, we believe in #SowMoreGrowMore and our team is always at your disposal. Happy growing!

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