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Bottle Gourd Seeds - Punjab Komal
Bottle Gourd Seeds - Punjab Komal
Load image into Gallery viewer, Bottle Gourd Seeds - Punjab Komal
Load image into Gallery viewer, Bottle Gourd Seeds - Punjab Komal

Bottle Gourd Seeds - Punjab Komal

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Bottle gourd is also known as “Calabash” or “lauki” and it belongs to family “Cucurbitaceae”. helps in better digestion, reduces sugar level and constipation, cures insomnia and urinary infections and is good remedy for treating insomnia. Requires warm growing season with a temperature ranging between 18-30°C.

Bottle gourd is immensely beneficial for maintaining good health of the heart. The bottle gourd plant is loaded with iron, potassium and vitamins that assist in maintaining a balanced healthy diet. Bottle gourd is an ingredient which helps in weight loss, treating sleep disorders and prevention of grey hair. You can get all these benefits offered by the lauki plant by growing one by yourself in your home garden using best soil and right gardening tools too.

There are multiple bottle gourd varieties available which you can grow as per your choice and convenience. The different types of Bottle gourd seeds apart from Punjab Komal include gutka type, F1 Hybrid US 345, F1 Hybrid US 355 and many more. You can buy these seeds online from Urja Seeds which provides the best healthy and nourishing seeds at your doorstep. 

Bottle gourd farming process involves first preparing the right soil for the plant by adding some natural manure to it. You can use any container to plant the bottle gourd seeds just make sure there are small holes in the bottom for excess water to exit. Make sure the plant gets proper sunlight and grows in warm temperatures ranging from 25 to 30 degree Celsius. 

The best time for growing bottle gourd in India is from November to January . Also Make sure you keep the soil moisturized all the time since bottle gourds require plenty of water to grow. The bottle gourd plant usually starts flowering within 25 to 30 days and proper bottle gourds appear in 40 to 50 days. 

If you want to store the bottle gourd seeds, you can do that in any insect free area with cool temperature in any brown coloured bag so that the seeds remain free from pests.

Variety Details

  • Early maturing variety
  • Light green fruits
  • Roundish with bottle neck
  • Ready in 70 days
  • Average 10 to 11 fruits per vine
  • Approx. Seed count - 25

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Category - Vegetable Seeds

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