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Do you know plants can help in repelling mosquitoes? Know more!

Insect repelling plants use their natural fragrances to keep the uninvited guests such as mosquitoes and bugs away and spread a soothing smell across your garden. Well, of course, there are other things that could be used to get rid of mosquitoes such as coil and chemical sprays but these products infect the air hence, growing plants that keep mosquitoes away is a great solution. Also, a lot of people tend to get allergic to commercial repellents hence, natural mosquito repellent plants are a good option for them. You can choose which plant you want based on requirements. In short, plants are helpful to us. Plants can even hear you also. Yes, it’s true. So we should save plants wherever possible.

Read on to know about the easiest growing mosquito repellent plant!

1. Rosemary

Rosemary is a plant that all of us are familiar with. Their woody smell is what keeps the mosquitoes, flies, and other insects away from where they are placed. They have great growth in warm and dry climates while placed in small containers or vases. 

2. Lavender

Each one of us is fond of the smell of lavender. While we humans love it, the mosquitoes can not bear their strong and tough smell. More than that they can also hinder their ability to smell. Lavender can endure various types of climates but it is well adapted to warmth and requires sunlight and good drainage.

3. Catnip

Catnip is another great mosquito repelling plant. It contains Nepetalactone, which is mainly responsible for getting rid of insects. It is very easy to grow this plant and can repel mosquitoes that are present in close range. 

4. Sage

Are you a fan of gathering around a fire pit at your place? If yes, then Sage is the best option to toss into the fire since the scented smoke would ward off the insects. Sage seeds  belong to the mint family and its leaves have a powerful aroma that produces a specific oil that can help keep the bugs away. 

5. Lemon Balm

Also known as horsemint, lemon balm is a great pick for a mosquito plant. Its solid lemon scent is responsible for getting rid of bugs and mosquitoes. This plant requires less maintenance and is easy to grow in a container. 

6. Marigolds

This beautiful plant needs no introduction. Apart from looking pretty, these plants give out a smell that forces mosquitoes to run away, making them the best indoor mosquito repelling plant. Other than mosquitoes they are also successful in repelling other insects such as whiteflies. Marigolds seeds can be easily grown in pots and you may place them at your entrance. 

7. Mint 

Another plant that everyone is familiar with and helps in keeping mosquitoes away. Leaves of the mint plant can help in keeping mosquitoes away. Another amazing benefit of the mint plant is that its essential oil can help soothe bug bites. 

8. Citronella Grass

Citronella grass makes a great anti-mosquito repelling plant because it produces and smells like citronella oil. This oil would keep on repelling mosquitoes and bugs. It is necessary to keep their pots in a colder place since it is delicate to cold weather. 

Essential oil and extract from citronella plants are often used in perfumes. They are very effective at keeping mosquitoes away from your garden. They are widely used as an ingredient for commercial repellents.

Citronella geraniums are quite a popular mosquito repelling plant. They are fast-growing and require a sunny and warm climate. It produces a smell like citronella oils that can ward off insects. During cold climates, you can grow them in containers with continuous pruning.  

9. Basil

Place a pot of basil on your table and enjoy a great picnic. Basil is another herb that repels mosquitoes. The sharp smell of basil is what aids in keeping the mosquitoes away from your home. Provide them with a good amount of sunlight and drainage to maximize their activity. It is also used for medical purposes and is an excellent choice for natural mosquito repelling plants. Basil seeds can be planted in a container or a garden. 

10. Allium Sativum 

These include garlic and onions which are great when used as a plant that repels flies and mosquitoes. Spread it around your garden or room by cutting it into small pieces or using its spray. To make a spray out of it, blend it with aromatic oils. 

11. Floss Flowers

These purple beauties contain coumarin which acts as a mosquito-repelling agent. Coumarin is a chemical that produces a smell that mosquitoes don't favor. However, floss flowers can be dangerous for humans and pets.

About Urja Seeds

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Q1: Do mosquito repellent plants work?

Ans: Yes, these plants definitely do their magic. Many of them produce smells and fragrances that are not loved by the mosquitoes and bugs forcing them to go away. 

Q2: What is the best plant to keep mosquitoes away?

Ans: There is no one specific plant that is the best to keep mosquitoes away. All plants work best when they are taken care of and provided with what they require. So research and understand the plant that you are planning to plant to keep mosquitoes away and they will definitely work at their optimum level. 

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