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Best seeds to grow in January & February months

The behavior of seasonal fruits and vegetable plant growth is reactive. It is highly dependent upon various factors like weather. The air and humidity across the environment affect the daily activities of the plants and therefore their development. If you are planning to plant vegetables by season, it is advised to consider the weather of the month. January and February are usually known as the ‘cold’ months. Therefore, January and February are the best time to start a fresh green year. There are several cool weather seeds that you can grow during these two months. Here is a list of vegetables to plant in the months of January and February, respectively. 

List of seasonal vegetables in India to be grown in January:

1. Brinjals

In January we experience a shorter sunlight period hence, vegetable plants are exposed to sun rays for less time. However, Brinjals only require 6 hours of sunlight, a good amount of water, and soil rich in nutrients. They quickly grow and therefore are one of the best choices of vegetables to be grown in January. 

2. Spinach

Spinach is a great source of vitamins, iron, and antioxidants. Spinach usually can be harvested 6-8 weeks after sowing them. The cool and windy weather of January is the perfect time to grow spinach.

3. Capsicum 

Capsicum is an ideal vegetable to be grown in the month of January since it is a cool-season crop. Once you sow the seeds make sure to transfer them after you see 4-5 leaves. Also, make sure that the seeds are dry and wholesome. 

4. Bottle Gourd and Bitter Gourd 

These are easy plants to grow. January is an ideal time to sow them because by the time the warm and hot weather spring starts they would be able to deliver their maximum yield. Setting up a trellis for the plants to climb up and for support once they grow would also be a good option. 

5. Beans

These are also a good option for planting in the month of January because a lot of its varieties are suitable for a range of cold temperatures during the winter months. However, a little protection would be required during extremely cold and windy days. Sowing beans seeds early will allow you to rip its benefits even before spring. Providing suitable conditions for growth is a must. 

6. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are considered a warm-season crop so it might be surprising to know that they can be planted in cool weather. Sowing them in the month of January will ensure that you gain a viable crop by the end of the year. Choosing the accurate type of variety is crucial. One must protect tomato plants from pests too so you can have good quality tomatoes at the end.

List of seasonal vegetables in India to be grown in February:

1. Leeks

Leeks are a great option to be considered for sowing in February. They require a long growing season hence planting them as early as possible is advised. They can germinate at a low temperature and sowing them indoors would also be beneficial. In order to rip its benefits, start planting them at the beginning of the year itself. 

2. Lettuce 

Lettuce is one of the easiest plants to grow. They come in a lot of varieties which can be grown indoors or outdoors throughout the year. Choose the right variety and you can grow this plant all year. They can easily germinate at a low temperature. Iceberg lettuce can be grown easily at home.

3. Early Carrots

February can be a great time to sow early carrots in an undercover growing area. Sandy soil would be a beneficial way to grow them more quickly. Choosing the correct type of variety would be necessary for early sowing. A benefit of planting them early is that you may get a grown crop before carrot fly comes into the picture. Extra protection would be required in case carrot fly is a problem in the area where you live. Carrots are one of the main root vegetables that can be grown easily at home.

4. Beets

February is considered the end of winter. For a good start to your spring season, there is a range of roots that you can sow like Beets. Beets can sow undercover and they usually require a minimum of 40F temperature to germinate. 

5. Apricot

Apricot is another Indian seasonal fruit that can be planted in the month of February. They take around 120 days to produce stone fruit and therefore are planted at the early time of the year. They require a proper amount of drainage and sunlight to germinate properly. 

6. Sweet Pepper

Sweet peppers provide better yields when they are provided sufficient time to grow, therefore a lot of gardner’s sow them at the beginning of the year. Long seasons provide them enough time to germinate and grow adequately. 

Overall other than the above list of Indian vegetables there are a lot of other seeds that you could consider planting in the month of January and February. Urja Seeds assure that if you plant the above-mentioned Indian seasonal fruits and vegetables correctly and provide them with everything they require, you will have a garden full of beautiful vegetables and crops by the end of the year! 

About Urja Seeds:

Urja seeds specialize in providing the best quality of premium vegetables seeds, micro green seeds, exotic seeds and flower seeds. Best known for their timely and safe doorstep delivery, at Urja Seeds you will get all types of varied seeds online over here that are exotic and best suitable to grow.  


Q1: How long should I wait for seeds to germinate?

Ans: The answer to this depends on various factors and varies from plant to plant. However, you can mark the date of sowing and calculate the days to germination which is usually written on the seed packet. 

Q2: What happens if you plant a seed too deep?

Ans: The seed may grow very weak or might not even germinate. Since it is planted too deep under the soil, it may not be able to gain access to enough sunlight, air and drainage which are a must for a seed to germinate perfectly. 

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