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We at URJA believe in providing best quality seeds at the most affordable prices. We encourage people to grow their own vegetables in their backyards / kitchen gardens so as to enjoy the fresh and chemical free food!!!

Happy sowing, growing and eating!

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Learn the importance of bean seeds and grow your own beans at home or in your garden

Growing your own food or vegetables at home is an excellent decision because it has multiple benefits. Firstly, when food and grains are grown in farms, you wouldn’t know whether pesticides or other such chemicals have been used on it. Thus, growing your own vegetables in your garden would firstly ensure the complete safety of your food. When you are growing herbs and exotic veggies at home, you would know exactly what components are going into it. Besides consuming fresh organic food, your homegrown veggies and herbs would also be healthy and better in taste and add real value to your diet.

One of the vegetables you can start growing if you are a beginner are beans. You can easily find bean seeds online and offline as well. To get bean seeds of assured quality, you must check out our collection of bean seeds at Urja Seeds. We curate three different varieties based on your needs and they will yield you excellent produce.

Buy best quality bean seeds to plant in your home garden to incorporate in your diet, exclusively at Urja Seeds

1) Pole beans: Beans, in themselves, are already a staple vegetable in Indian cuisine. Since they are also quite easy to grow and look after, they are now a favorite to grow in the vegetable gardens at home. Not only are they super productive but they can grow in the smallest available space. Pole beans do require staking or trellises as they have fragile roots. Urja Seeds believe in quality products at affordable prices and thus, you can get 50 seeds at just 150 INR!

2) Beans Chanda (Bush beans): Bush beans are yet another great option to grow if you want to start with your own vegetable garden. Since bush beans do not grow as tall as pole beans, they do not require any kind of support like staking or trellises. It is, however, advised that you plant your bean seeds in one place and dont transplant them as they have fragile roots. At Urja Seeds, you can get a pack of 50 seeds at 150 INR.

3) Beans upma: Yet another variety of beans that is available on our website at Urja Seeds is the Beans Upma. These will yield you amazing produce and you can get 50 seeds of this at the same affordable rates like the other two.

Why choose Urja Seeds?

Seeing the site you would probably have guessed that Urja Seeds house many kinds of seeds like almost all varieties of vegetable seeds, flower seeds, microgreen seeds and exotic vegetable seeds. It would be quite correct to say that Urja Seeds is your one-stop shop to find seeds online like capsicum seeds, okra (bhindi) seeds, onion seeds, cauliflower seeds, round gourd (tinda) seeds and many more. We at Urja seeds believe firmly that the quality of our products is of utmost importance. We have a team of professionally trained and experienced experts who are in charge of quality control. Thus, you can rest assured about the quality of all our seeds, which are available at the most affordable rates too!


Q1) How are pole beans different from bush beans?

Ans: One of the standard differences between bush beans and pole beans is that bush beans grow compactly, meaning they reach a height of about 2 feet. They also do not require any extra support or a structure to grow, for example, a structure like a trellis. Whereas pole beans have climbing vines and reach to heights of about 10 feet to 15 feet. The difference between pole beans and bush beans is thus, that the former require a staking or a trellis.

Q2) What is the best way to take care of bean seeds?

Ans: Before growing any vegetable, one must know how to take care of seedlings. Beans seeds germinate and grow well in moist soil. If your garden does not receive enough rain, you must water your bean seeds regularly. The most crucial thing about growing bean seeds during summer is watering your seeds properly. However, you must refrain from light watering frequently. Beans typically require about one inch of water every week for proper growth.

Q3) What are the soil and temperature requirements for bean seeds to grow?

Ans: Bean seeds generally take up to a week or two to germinate and the ideal temperature of the soil should be 60 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature is at 60 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the minimum temperature requirement, the seeds take about 14 days to germinate. If the soil temperature is at 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the seeds germinate successfully within a week to 10 days.
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