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5 Quickest growing vegetables for your Home garden

To begin with, let's suppose that you are a resident of Delhi. The city is bestowed with world class health and Educational facilities as well. The broad lanes, mesmerizingly vibrant life, it would be apt to call this a Gregarious city. But but…there are 2 sides to each coin- runs an adage. The city, apart from having drawbacks like alarming pollution levels, has a major drawback, the milk you are drinking is adulterated, the food you eat is full of chemicals and in some cases, even the spices you use in your kitchen are not spices rather so other material under the garb of food material. The big and beautiful looking “ideal” fruits and veggies might actually be a slow poison for you. For instance, we have apple, they say-An apple a day keeps a doctor away. But if you consume those shiny red apples in the market, they might stop you from seeing the sheen on an apple or any other thing. Reason, they are coated with a wax layer! You might think that we are behaving like some sort of ‘food critic’. But that ain't the case, the next time you bring a kilogram of shiny apples at your home, just scrape its surface with the back of knife and you will see some wax on your knife. This adulteration is not just confined to apple. From our perspective, its omnipresent, you will be taken aback when you actually start getting into this world and researching about such things.  

We totally agree with the fact that adulteration is quite common and most of us have started to live with this fact. Adding water to milk might be fine, but we all know that adulteration is not just confined to this. It has become a grave issue when substances like chalk powder and washing powder enter the game. That is when things start getting worse. And yes, the aforementioned issue is not the limited to metros, a few places are there, which are not in this race of adulterating food items.

So, one might think what's the solution? Keeping cows for milk and huge grinders for spices would be a quixotic idea in the busy schedule of yours. But wait, you all must be having some sort of home garden at your homes which you use for growing flowers, money plant and other adornments as well. Why not grow some veggies at home and relish the taste and purity of your self-cultivated food? Of course, this is a time consuming process but here comes the role of smart work. If you grow asparagus in your garden, you will get nothing but disappointment, because it takes quite long to grow from seed. You will have to include plants that grow fast in your list of your home garden veggies and for that you need to know which vegetables grow fast!

Fast growing fruits and vegetables not only decrease your efforts but they also boost your confidence in this niche.

List of vegetables that grow quickly

Moving on, here is a list of some fastest growing vegetables for your home garden:

1. Radishes

Radish is one of the fastest and easy growing vegetables. It needs moist and fertile soil to grow. It is usually a cool season crop and it gets more pungent at higher temperatures. Radish seeds can be sown at any time between September and January in northern plains as it is neutral to  frost or cold weather conditions. It takes just three to four weeks to harvest and yes, you can grow radishes in pots as well, it will sprout within 3-4 days, making it one of the fast growing vegetables in pots.

2. Carrots 

Carrot is certainly not one of those fast growing vegetables at home, but if you choose a quick growing finger sized variety, then you can expect crunchy roots sprouting in just 6 weeks! In India, one can grow carrots in the winter season but seeds should be planted from October-November. They can also be planted during monsoon. If you wish to sow carrot seeds in pots, sow them in pots having potting soil and putting the little seeds over the surface and then cover it with a little sieved layer of soil. This certainly makes it easy to cultivate carrot. Thus paving its way to  to the list of plants that grow fast at home.

3. Okra

For the best yield, Okra seeds are planted in the spring 2-4 weeks after the threat/danger of frost has gone. Taking about 60 days, it is one of the fast growing vegetables in summer. However, any variety of Okra can be grown in a pot, but the best variety for this purpose is the dwarf one. The germination takes just 5-10 days after sowing, thus making it one of the fast growing plants from seeds.

4. Bok Choy

Next one in the list of plants that grow fast at home is, Bok Choy or you can say Chinese cabbage. It has 2 varieties which can be grown-baby bok choy and the standard variety. It prefers cool weather and July is a good time to start. Depending upon the variety you are growing and of course, the weather conditions, it will be ready to harvest in 45-60 days, making it one of the plants which grow very fast  For best results, plant it in partial shade.

5. Turnips

Turnip is one of the easy growing vegetables on this list of quick growing vegetables. In addition to that, it provides a great harvest for the home gardener as well! You can plant turnip seeds through the entire growing season in several gardening zones. It requires full sun exposure for best results. It is one of the quick growing vegetables in pots and takes just 5-6 weeks for successful germination of seeds. They are ready for harvest in as little as six to ten weeks!

About Urja Seeds

At Urja Seeds, we provide the best quality agricultural seeds online for you. We have a plethora of varieties of seeds like vegetable seeds, flower seeds, micro green seeds and exotic seeds for you to choose from. We provide hybrid varieties as well which contain combined superior qualities of its parent plant. Our mantra is to provide the best quality at affordable prices. In pursuit of Atmanirbhar Bharat, why not bring self-reliance in this aspect as well by starting a home kitchen garden with some fast growing garden plants.


Q1: What things should be considered while making a kitchen garden?

Ans: For beginners as well virtuoso in this field, following things should be taken into consideration:

  • Environment
  • Maintenance
  • Amount of shade required(as every plant has its own sun exposure requirement)
  • Flowering time-you need vegetable seeds that grow fast and if you’re  a beginner, you require fast growing plants in pots as well

Q2: What are the benefits of a kitchen garden in house?


  • It works out cheaper
  • Chemical free food
  • Sense of accomplishment 

Q3: Should one put grass clipping in the garden?

Ans: Composting first is always a better option as:

  • They may form water repellent mat which eventually results in water stress
  • There may be weeds in clippings

Q4: What are the benefits of keeping crops that grow fast in my kitchen garden?

  • It makes the process less tedious
  • It boosts your confidence in this field
  • If you choose quick growing plants for your kitchen garden, then you get to eat your greens just a couple of weeks after sowing them.

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