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Turnips – Why Choose To Plant Them?

It might look pretty similar to an onion, but turnips are completely a different vegetable. This vegetable might not be one to frequent our plates so often unless, of course, it is one of our favourite veggies. However, there are several reasons why they must be added to our meals and gardening regimen. There are so many delicious shalgam recipes that you will love to try out with the turnip plant. If you wonder what a turnip tastes like then here’s a rundown for you – as a raw vegetable, it can have mild spiciness to its taste but when cooked they have a sweet, earthy and even nutty to an extent type of flavour.

If you are not sure of how you can fit this vegetable into your gardening schedule, then let us tell you that the turnip plant is very easy to care for. Turnips are also very easy to care for and easy to grow. Generally, they are planted during spring or summer to receive the harvests in the late summer season. Looking for turnip seeds online? At Urja Seeds you can buy turnip seeds online at affordable prices and with authentic qualities.

Turnips are also used as food for cattle so they make very important plants. They also have very great good health benefits that make you want to consider adding this vegetable to your daily diet. Turnips can be used just the same as potatoes and carrots, in versatile ways. They can be used in salads, in stews, can be roasted, can be used as a garnish, can be used in soups and are very low in calories so you can also make some excellent and tasty dishes using this veggie for your diet-friendly regime.

They grow fairly fast and need less care. Since they grow so quickly, you won’t even need to fertilise them as much. Just organic matter should do to successfully germinate the seeds. Pick the perfect spot that has a decent amount of sunlight (at least 6 to 8 hours per day) with the best soil mix that is slightly acidic in nature. You only need to water them around an inch regularly and you will be fine. Since they grow fast, you will be able to harvest them in a month. Be careful when the harvesting process is carried out. You can store them in a place that is cool and dry for a longer shelf life. Buy seeds of turnip online and grow sweet and crunchy turnips in your homes ready to be used in no time.

Health Benefits of Turnips

Turnips have a low calorie content but are a powerhouse for several nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Being a good source for Vitamin C, they provide a good source of antioxidants that protect our cells from free radicals that are molecules that cause illnesses. It also helps in absorbing iron easily. Turnips also have a lot of fibre which is important in regulating our digestive system and prevent the possibility of constipation by ensuring a healthy gut health. Cooked turnip is also a very good source of calcium which is an important mineral that ensures our bones are strong and don't turn brittle easily. Turnips have antibacterial properties that help in providing protection against any type of bacterial infections. This nutritional vegetable certainly calls for its planting next time. Your search for the best shalgam seeds online ends here. Buy shalgam seeds online at our website and have a happy planting session!

Turnip Varieties

1) Turnip Seeds Golden Ball : This variety is a little different when it comes to appearance than the usual ones. It is pale yellow in colour with a roundish shape. The flesh is firm and very crisp as well as sweet. The harvest can be yielded in around 50 to 55 days.
2) Turnip Seeds Red Ball: This variety has deep red skin colour and the flesh is soft and white in colour. The shape is that of a semi-globe appearance. It has red foliage with red stems.
3) Turnip Seeds Purple Topwhite: This variety is one of the most popular ones out of all the others. It is half purple in colour and half white in colour. You can harvest this variety in around 50 days.

Buy seeds of turnip online for the variety you wish to plant at Urja Seeds.

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Q1) How long does it take for turnip seeds to grow?

Ans: The turnip seeds start to germinate at about 3 to 10 days and the harvest can be done after 6 to 10 weeks after sowing the seeds.

Q2) Can we sow turnip seeds directly?

Ans: Yes, the turnip seeds can be sown directly, each plant being sown at least an inch apart.

Q3) Is it necessary to soak turnip seeds before planting in soil?

Ans: It is not necessary but soaking the turnip seeds can help in kick starting the germination process.
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