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Decorate home with indoor plants-Tips and Ideas

The year 2020 brought many changes in our life, ranging from material to abstract changes. This just made the work from home culture all the way more prevalent than before. Endless zoom calls, reports and meetings just enervated us both physically and mentally as well. People devised many strategies to cope up with this, from using zero power spectacles to monitoring their screen time fastidiously and so on. But seldom people know that spending some time with plants or in a garden works like a panacea, it takes away your melancholy or enervation by providing you a dose of fresh air. Did you know, plants can hear you?. It is said that green is a strong colour, it evokes powerful emotions and just evokes a feeling of rejuvenation in oneself. Just take a tour of a garden and look at the variations in the colour green! Plants can even help in repelling mosquitoes. However, due to space related issues, most of us do not have full-fledged gardens in our homes but closing of one door paves the way of opening of another, runs an adage. Same is the case here, if not full gardens, there are vertical gardens, miniature plants, home gardens and many more ingenious approaches to overcome this shortcoming. But, setting up something which requires a lot of space, into half the area requires extra care and certainly, identifying house plants too is a tedious task. But don't worry, We’ve got you covered! In fact, gifting plants is always a good idea.

Here's a list of top 10 indoor plants that you can use to adorn your home.

1. Vines

Vines have climbing stems. They belong to the cucumber family and are found in a plethora of varieties.

They impair a subtle degree of delicacy to the area they  are associated with, be it mirror or your balcony or anywhere else in the house. Hanging plants indoors is always preferred by beginners as it is quite easy to take care of the plant if it is indoors.

Wrap it around some object or keep it in a utensil and hang it. It will spice up your garden. Vine is one of the most loved home plants.

2. Fiddle-leaf Fig tree

The second one in this list of top 10 indoor plants names is Fiddle Leaf Fig tree Being a shrub, it possesses its native trait of being medium to small in size making it one of the best indoor plants for home. The best suited place for its  placement is under the skylight or near a window. Water it once a week and you are good to go!

3. Snake plant 

This is one of the most common indoor plants for living room. Its sword shaped leaves are its most distinguishing feature and just like a snake wraps around and object meticulously, it just wraps around the eyes of the spectator because of its shape of leaves and the alternating green colour gradient of its leaves. It is just perfect for indoor plant pots.

4. African spear plant

The next in this list of best indoor plants is the African spear plant. The best part about this plant is that ,it can survive long periods of drought. So, the next time you wish to go for a long vacation, this plant is the last thing you’ll have to worry about, making it one of the best plants for home!

5. Aloe Vera plant

This succulent, apart from imparting that elegant look to home, has several nutritional benefits and also, it does wonders for your skin. It just detoxifies your bodily system and also improves skin texture and imparts a healthy glow.

With pollution levels on an all time high these days, indoor plants are a major savior. This hero is one of the top members in the list of air purifying indoor plants. It releases oxygen at night time whilst simultaneously taking inside the carbon dioxide- something we naturally produce during breathing.  All this leads to a purer quality of air and a better night’s sleep!

6. Money Plant

Money plant in home as per vastu, is considered to be auspicious. Apart from that, it imparts a naturally aesthetic tinge to your home decor as well. But the most important thing in keeping money plant in your house is keeping in mind the money plant vastu. 

Money plant, as per Vastu principles, should be placed in the south east direction or north entrance in the house and not to be kept outside as per Vastu Shastra principles.

7. Spider Plant

Spider  plant are a suitable choice for beginners or for those who have a bad luck when it comes to plants. It is one of those low light indoor plants and can thrive in indirect sunlight. They can also survive in temperatures as low as 2 degrees! They are known to remove toxins like formaldehyde and xylene, making them ideal plants for room.

8. Palm indoor plant

Want to add tropical flair to your home’s interior décor? There’s no plant quite like the palm tree to get this job done. With several varieties of palm to choose from, we have compiled a list of some of our absolute favorites.

  • Areca Palm
  • Yucca Palm
  • Lady Palm
  • Majesty Palm
  • Chinese fan Palm

However, it might be a little out of budget but trust us, keeping palms in your house would certainly not be a waste of money, provided you abide by the following rules of keeping palm indoors-

  • Bright,indirect sunlight
  • A loose soil  mix
  • Careful Pruning
  • Well chosen containers

9. Chrysanthemums

There are several types of indoor plants, ranging from functional to ornamental plants. One of those most loved good plants for home is Chrysanthemums. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, these are known well for reducing pollution levels inside your homes. They enjoy good airflow, bright indirect sunlight and watering with warm water only, making sure that they are allowed to dry fully in between the watering sessions.

10. Mistletoe cactus

Cactus is usually associated with toughness and obnoxiousness. But we cannot deny the fact that when it comes to beauty, one cannot forget cactus.

There are picturesque gardens in India as well as the world which are themed cacti. Cactus comes in a wide range of varieties, one of its variety is the Mistletoe cactus or Rhipsalis. It has long, trailing stems making it one of the most suited small plants for home. It is quite easy to grow and thus falls under the category of low maintenance indoor plants.

Here are some air purifying indoor plants with names:

  • Dwarf date palm
  • Devil’s Ivy
  • Peace Lily
  • Philodendron

Plants can even be gifted to your loved ones

Tips & Ideas for your Home Gardens

When it comes to gardening indoors, some major though overlooked things become all the way more important.

1. Choose the right container

The most important step in planting indoors is choosing the right container Size and material of the container should be taken into consideration.

 For instance, nowadays using ceramic indoor plant pots is quite common. Ceramic pots have drainage holes, but despite that the glazes present on it help retain moisture as compared to the conventional unpainted terracotta. The plants which prefer moist soil are best suited for ceramic pots.

2. Use good quality potting soil

Using good quality potting soil becomes all the way more important here since each plant has its separate nutritional and soil needs. Ideally, a good indoor plant mix is composed of moss, perlite and vermeculite.

3. Proper watering

It is comparatively easier to take care of plants inside our home as you can water your plants while running errands within your house. But our lackadaisical attitude tends to spoil this benefit of keeping house plants. By proper watering we do not wish to imply that watering a plant within an interval of 5 minutes would be great, rather it would damage the plant grossly. By proper watering we mean that you should not allow water to stand in the pot for longer periods of time and of course, keeping the plant hydrated is also an important task.

4. Keep foliage clean

Why do  we keep indoor plants? For combating pollution and of course for aesthetic purposes. A major component of aestheticism is cleanliness. How does a dusty plant feel like? No one wishes to even roam around it especially when it is inside the house and more importantly, dust that accumulates on the leaves of houseplants will block light and harbor insects. So just clean leaves by gently wiping them with clean damp cloth.

About Urja Seeds

Not just providing good and healthy seeds for your kitchen garden, we provide high quality seeds for your indoor plantings as well. We provide a variety of flower seeds along with many vegetable seeds, micro green seeds and exotic seeds too. With a seed count of around 100-200 per packet, we make sure to make our products worth our customers’ money and time.


Q1: What is the difference between bright, medium and low light plants?


  • Bright light plants will do well in direct or strong sunlight for the most part of a day.
  • Medium light plants should stay out of the direct sunlight. They should be placed in a bright room and will enjoy partial or filtered sunlight. 
  • Low light plants prefer to stay in the shade or to be displayed under fluorescent light.

Q2: Does one need a soil moisture meter?

Ans: We strongly recommend getting the Soil Moisture Meter. This tool will help you to understand when your plant is ready for a drink to avoid over or under watering.

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