Okra (Bhindi) Seeds

We at URJA believe in providing best quality seeds at the most affordable prices. We encourage people to grow their own vegetables in their backyards / kitchen gardens so as to enjoy the fresh and chemical free food!!!

Happy sowing, growing and eating!

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Healthy home grown Lady finger

Raising a vegetable garden at home is a straightforward path to protect wealth, remain effective, and retain new vegetables, fruits, herbs and condiments at your own place. The vegetables that are home grown are extremely tasty and fresh. More of your favorite vegetables can be grown at home in ease. No harsh pesticides or insecticides are used during the process so it is safe to consume those backyard vegetables. You can look for lady finger seeds price to grow the plant in a hassle-free way. While checking the option don’t miss to check out the hybrid bhindi seeds price.

Having a vegetable garden and growing your own vegetables and fruits will educate you to consume in season if flavors and nutrients are at maximum. When you retain a bunch of crops to use up, you tend to eat extra vegetables and believe in efficient ways to instruct them so it is zero waste. At home the vegetables are farmed fresh, the raw flavors of the vegetables glow and do not want extra oils, or other additions to give rise to taste. Lady finger seeds can be used to grow the plant at home.

Simple way to grow okra at home

Okra, is generally recognized as lady's finger or Bhindi in India, is a seasonal crop which pertains to the melon category and possesses gorgeous blossoms. It’s easy to grow Okra at home. Okra seeds should be planted during timely summer months or the spring months in the coldest area for okra to be harvested at the exact period. There are plenty of bhindi seeds variety you can choose the one as per your preference.

The vegetable can be toasted and eaten in several ways. It is prosperous in vitamin k, vitamin, vitamin A with calcium and fiber. Okra can thrive in several categories of earth but it should be fertilized adequately. The grains should be cultivated an inch low into the ground and in rows that should be at a length of 3 feet from one another. If proper care is not given to the little seeds, the plants then can also turn yellow which may lead to unpredictable outcomes. You can look for bhindi bij prices online and get the best rates. If you want the best results use hybrid okra seeds.

Okra is a super healthy food which should be consumed every day. Okra is loaded with healthy benefits and is low calorie food. You can also use hybrid lady finger seeds to grow the plant. Okra provides protein and nutrients to people of all ages. While growing the plant take care of the flowers well so that it blooms into yummy okra. Do take care of the plants just as your children so seeds are germinated successfully. You can look for bhindi seeds price online and get an affordable option for your kitchen garden,

Why Urja Seeds?

We, at Urja Seeds, provide high yield lady finger seeds online along with ash gourd seeds, beans seeds, kakri (long melon) seeds, sponge gourd seeds, onion seeds many more . We are the right place to buy a variety of seeds online like vegetable seeds, flower seeds, exotic seeds & micro green seeds and that too at an affordable price range. We ensure quality so our customers can have the best from the little seeds.


Q1) Is it necessary to soak okra seeds before planting?

Ans: The okra can be grown easily at home by soaking the seeds in water for 12-18 hours, which allows it to soak and absorb the water before they are being sewed. Use the best bhindi seeds to get the maximum benefit.

Q2) What can be the possible reasons if okra seeds don't germinate?

Ans: There are various possible reasons that the okra seed doesn't germinate. One such is improper watering. Hydrolytic enzymes stocked within the grain expect moisture in order to initiate the seed to germinate. You can also look for hybrid bhindi seeds to grow the plant.

Q3) After how many days, okra seeds generally germinate?

Ans: Harvesting okra can take up to two months, the plant will grow up and it takes up to 12 weeks for harvest. You can use the best lady finger seeds and grow the plants to see the difference.
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