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Micro Greens seeds to grow this Summers in India at homes

Eating healthy is now a choice we are making consciously to improve our diets and in turn our lifestyles. Besides, if you are someone who does not have a lot of time on their hands, micro greens seeds would be a great option for you to consider. 

What exactly are micro green seeds? They are the first true leaves that appear in a plant. Generally, they are only a couple of inches tall and are potentially more nutritious than the regular plant. Unlike them, microgreen growing usually only takes a few weeks at the most. There are several varieties that you can pick from to stock up for your summer store. So, you can plant your own microgreens seeds at home without having to worry too much. Wondering which ones are the best microgreens to grow? We have listed down some for you to consider. Buy the best seeds for microgreens at Urja Seeds and grow your very own garden today. 

Here’s a microgreens seeds list that you can consider growing this summer:

1] Carrot Microgreen Seeds

Ever wondered what a carrot microgreen would taste like? No, well, let us tell you. If you are a fan of carrots, then worry not about the taste because it is more or less the same. Even though they take some time to grow, you can still enjoy their unique flavour and their exceptional health benefits. Here's how you can grow carrots from their microgreen seeds: 

  • Take your microgreen trays and prepare your soil. 
  • Spread the seeds all over the surface, you need not worry about each seed's spacing. 
  • Water the soil well because the seeds will start to germinate soon after. 
  • In 7 days your seeds will germinate and in another 4 weeks, your microgreens seeds will be ready to harvest

2] Amaranthus Microgreen Seeds

More often than not, you will find amaranth as a part of a salad or even used as garnish. They have a really high nutritional value which is why adding them to your diet can prove to be beneficial. Although this microgreen is not widely known, the richness in their nutritional factors encompasses everything. Apart from that, its beautiful colour makes it all the more reason for you to add this vivid microgreen in your garden. It's gluten free and extremely good for your bone health. Amaranth thrives in the heat of the Indian subcontinent so it is a great option to consider. Here's how you can grow your own amaranth micro green: 

  • Sow your seeds directly about 3-4 inches deep into the soil. 
  • For soil, fertile, loam soil works the best; you can even add organic matter to the soil.
  • For spacing, every square inch you can place 37- 40 seeds.
  • This plant thrives well in either conditions so you can have full sunlight or partial sunlight per day.
  • Water the seeds every day gently, just slightly sprinkling them enough to moisten the soil.
  • In 2-3 days they start to germinate and develop a pink colour.
  • 10 days later your amaranth microgreen will be ready to harvest. 

3] Beetroot Microgreen Seeds

No dish can be complete without some colour that catches the eye, right? Not only are beetroot healthy to eat, but they are also a great option for your next microgreens planting. Beetroots are also responsible for that beautiful blush on your cheeks, so why not give it a try? Follow these steps to grow your very own beetroot micro green seeds

  • Pre-soak them in water overnight before you plant them.
  • You can plant around 10-11 seeds per square inch of the tray.
  • The plants will take around 3 days to germinate. 
  • Since they are summer growing, they need at least 12 hours of sunlight per day.
  • In about 10 days your beetroot microgreens should be ready to harvest. 

4] Basil Microgreen Seeds

Basil not only makes for some great seasoning but is the base of several dishes. From different kinds of pasta to pizzas, basil is used in an expansive range of dishes. It adds a different and unique taste to almost any dish you add which not many other seasonings can replace. And, it is super easy to grow basil microgreens in pots at your home so why not give it a shot? Here are the steps:

  • Prepare well-draining potting soil in pots that have a good amount of drain holes so the seeds germinate successfully.
  • Place each seed about half an inch apart from each other.  
  • After placing the seeds, loosely add some soil over them.
  • Layer only the top layer of the soil that contains the seeds.
  • Water regularly to keep the soil moist enough. Use proper gardening tools for home gardens so you get the best yield.
  • Just like all the other microgreens, basil needs at least 12 hours of sunlight. 
  • Make sure the environment has enough humidity too.
  • In about 15-20 days, your basil microgreens should be ready to harvest.  

For a healthy yet lively summer, consider growing microgreens and you will surely have a fun time gardening. They are super easy to grow and do not need any tedious care. So, even if you have a packed schedule, you will still be able to take care of your microgreens without any hassle. Get your very own microgreen seeds online at Urja Seeds and start your journey growing them today. We are sure that this won’t be the only time you grow them, you’ll want to have an ever-growing garden forever!

About Urja Seeds

Enjoy having a great gardening session and reap the rewards of your hard work. We at Urja Seeds are here to provide you with premium quality seeds online delivered to you right at your doorstep no matter where you reside in the country. Find a range of vegetable seeds, exotic & herb seeds, flower seeds and micro green seeds online. Visit us today and get your products hassle-free. 


Q1] Do microgreen seeds need to be pre-soaked?

A1] It depends on the microgreen you are going to. Microgreens like buckwheat, beet, peas, and sunflower do need to be soaked overnight at least. 

Q2] Can I grow microgreen seeds outside?

A2] Because microgreens are very susceptible to harsh climates, they are best grown indoors. Growing them indoors makes them thrive and you can get some very great harvests too. 

Q3] How much light do microgreens need?

A3] They need at least a moderate amount of lights so a few hours of direct sunlight or indirect sunlight at least for a few hours. 

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