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Kids Kitchen Garden at Home - Tips & Ideas

Kids' kitchen gardens at home offer a fun and hands-on way for kids to learn about where their food comes from. Kitchen gardening provides a great opportunity to get kids excited about the farm and farming, which is often lost in an urban setting. It's also a great way for kids to get a little dirty and learn about the soil, which is important for any garden. When kids help care for the garden, they learn responsibility and have a sense of accomplishment as they watch the plants grow. So if you want your kids to enjoy their childhood, be healthy, and have a sense of responsibility, having a small home garden and gardening with children is a lovely way to achieve all these things. 

Wondering what a kitchen garden is? The kitchen garden is one of the most rewarding additions a home gardener can make. You can turn the place into a vegetable garden which will provide fresh, organic vegetables for kids and you all year long. Furthermore, a kids garden also teaches children about the cycle of life and the value of hard work. Most importantly, a garden for children will provide a sense of achievement to them when they see their first harvest. This essay will guide you through some amazing kitchen gardening ideas, and tricks. 

Tips to include kids in gardening at home

While the idea of child gardening may be interesting, a lot of parents have an important question regarding kids' involvement in this idea. How do you get your children interested in garden making? Kids love to get their hands dirty, and spending time outside in the garden can be a great way for them to get exercise and learn about nature. However, when children are involved in the garden at home, it can be even better! By including your child in the garden at home, you can ensure that they get the full benefit of gardening without it being a chore for them.

Here are some tips for incorporating your child into the garden at home.

  1. Be their support. Start by planting a kitchen garden together.  From planning to execution do it all together. 
  2. Make them feel involved and valued by asking their opinions regarding the planning of the garden. You can ask them how to make a garden? What are the easiest vegetables to grow? Do you have any kitchen garden ideas
  3. Establish personal responsibilities for engaging in inclusive participation.
  4. Ask your kids to keep a journal or sketch every time you see a plant at its different stages of growth to enhance creativity and diligence.
  5. You can describe geographical cycles, ecosystems, and biodiversity in their gardens. 
  6. Have your child share his or her kitchen garden experience with his or her neighbors at home.
  7. Inform them about climate change, its consequences, and the role they can play to solve the bigger problem as an individual of the society. 
  8. Using stories, movies, and field trips, promote the benefits of natural and sustainable living.
  9. Encourage dirty hands and sweaty hands at the end of the day so the kids feel motivated. 
  10. If you have more than two kids you can divide them into teams and make it a casual fun competition. 

Ideas to have a kids kitchen garden at home

Building a kids' kitchen garden at home is a great way to get kids interested in growing their own food. You can build a kids' kitchen garden in your yard, on a patio, or even in containers. Your kids can help design the garden, select the plants, and even help with the gardening! Below listed is a complete list of ideas related to how to make a home garden:

1. Choose a correct spot: 

It is very necessary to choose a place in the garden that receives full or partial sunlight because seeds require sunlight for successful germination.

2. Create soil beds: 

Soil beds are a type of raised bed garden where the soil is enriched with compost and other nutrients to create a healthy growing environment. They are also easy and inexpensive to build so the kids can take responsibility for it.

3. Inspect soil quality: 

Make sure the spot you chose has a healthy blend of soil because the soil is a crucial component in a plant’s growth as it will provide water and nutrients to it. Make the best soil mix for seeds so the little seeds get proper nutrients required to grow big and hence give high yield at the end.

4. Arrange water supply source: 

Most plants will require a regular water supply so you need to ensure that your chosen spot has easy access to the water supply so kids don’t face any trouble. Use of proper gardening tools is a must so explain to kids about gardening tools too and the importance of the same.

5. Planting good quality seeds: 

Good quality seeds are the key to a healthy and productive vegetable or herb garden. You can get all types of exotic and premium quality seeds from Urja Seeds. 

About Urja Seeds

It's time to make your home more peaceful and harmonious with Urja Seeds. Our company offers the best quality vegetable seeds, flower seeds, microgreen seeds, and exotic seeds. These good plant seeds online for home gardens are now even more accessible thanks to fast and safe delivery. 

We also offer Green Warrior - an educational tool for kids that helps them in sowing seeds and growing plants in a fun and interactive way.


Q1: Which plants can be grown at home by kids?

Ans: Carrot, green beans, cherry tomatoes, peas, spinach, lettuce, kale, broccoli, radish, and microgreen are a few of the plants that are best for children gardening.

Q2: What are the types of kitchen gardens for small spaces?

Ans: There are different types of kitchen gardens that can be made in small spaces, for example, the wick irrigation garden, tire garden, simple drip irrigation garden, micro garden, multi storey garden, cone garden, etc. 

Q3: Where can you set up a kitchen garden at your home?

Ans: It is possible to build a kitchen garden on the window sills, the grill, or on vertical walls or balconies.

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