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Amaranth  Micro Green Seeds
Amaranth  Micro Green Seeds
Amaranth  Micro Green Seeds
Load image into Gallery viewer, Amaranth  Micro Green Seeds
Load image into Gallery viewer, Amaranth  Micro Green Seeds
Load image into Gallery viewer, Amaranth  Micro Green Seeds

Amaranth Micro Green Seeds

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Amaranth microgreens have a wide range of health benefits. They play a huge role in boosting the immune system, protecting the body from cardiovascular and hypertension diseases, ensuring proper treatment against cancer and maintaining healthy digestion levels.

Red amaranth microgreens are also said to improve the quality of the human eyesight and decrease the hair and skin problems such as hair loss and early signs of ageing. In short, microgreens are very nutritious and easy to grow as well.

You can buy the amaranth microgreen seeds from Urja Seeds and start growing amaranth microgreens on your own. You can sow the seeds in any kind of soil, however a well drained fertile soil packed with all nutritional benefits and organic matter will enhance the growth of the microgreens. The amaranth seeds microgreens require full sun exposure so choose a spot that has direct access to sunlight to successfully germinate.

While sowing the seeds ensure that they are planted 60 cms away from each other and in rows so that their growth does not get restricted. The amaranth microgreens may grow up to 4 to 6 feet and does require some sort of a support for its safe steady growth.

When you observe that the seeds from the plant are falling on the surface when rubbed with gentle hands, understand that the time of harvest has arrived. The sowing period for these seeds ranges from March to May which means that you can expect a harvest anytime from July end to mid October.

Amaranth's intense cherry red color micro leaf makes it a firm favorite with trendy chefs! Amaranth micro greens have a nutty, rich flavor and are 15% protein. It makes a brilliant eye-catching garnish or topping to just about any dish.

The young leaves are tender and nutritious with a delicate pea-like flavor, ideal for salads or garnish. It is rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E, calcium, iron, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, and amino acids.

Approx. seeds count - 200

Category - Micro Green Seeds

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Order not received

Never received the order. Hope im not being scammed.

super yielding seeds

very happy to see beautiful and healthy amaranth microgreens in my kitchen garden

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