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Benefits of eating healthy and fresh Beans

Green beans are that vegetable that are simple and can be used in a variety of dishes from a stir-fry to a salad. A bean plant is very easy to grow and does not require a lot of maintenance. Thus, if you are looking to learn more on how to grow a green bean plant, then you have stumbled upon the right place. We have unfurled a step-by-step guide for you to follow if you are considering planting bean seeds at home. 

First, let's look at the Green Beans varieties

Most commonly, the different types of these beans you will find i.e., Green beans, string beans, snap beans etc. are all the same possessing only differences in their shapes, sizes and colours. Thus, if you are looking for a perfect fit for your recipes, then you can ideally use any of these as they are good substitutes of each other. Only, cook time and the texture as well as the taste might vary slightly. So, there are French green beans (haricots verts), string beans, garden beans, long beans, Italian green beans (Romano beans), wax beans that you can pick from. 

Health benefits and nutritional factors of green Beans

These legumes are a good source of Vitamins as they contain vitamin C, vitamin A, Vitamin K and are rich in proteins. This helps maintain and boost a healthy immune system and produce collagen in your skin. Vitamin A also is important for our healthy vision. Green beans have very low calories and zero cholesterol. Including them in your diet will certainly prove very beneficial for you as they help maintain your health. They improve your heart's health being a rich source of fibre. They enhance the functioning of the digestive system by keeping it healthy and help with conditions like irritable bowel system (IBS). It is a recommended part of diet for those women who are pregnant, being rich in iron. The protein content in green beans helps in maintaining your bone health as Vitamin K increases the efficiency of taking in calcium from foods. 

How to grow beans at home in pots?

There are essentially two bean varieties that you can plant at home, the bush beans and pole beans.  Bush beans can grow in a small space and grow about two feet in height but pole beans grow tall while climbing on vines and require a trellis above as well as nearby support.

1. Planting the seeds

Generally, green bean seeds are directly sowed into the soil since transplanting is slightly difficult because they have fragile roots. However, in case you do want to transplant them, then let them grow out a bit before doing sow. ensure you water your plant regularly so the soil does not dry out. For bush beans, make sure you leave enough space between each plant, about 18-20 inches apart. For pole beans, you might need a trellis or a wooden pole which are six feet long and place them firmly before planting three or four seeds around it. Place each pole at least four feet apart from each other. For planting them in containers or pots at home, an eight-to-ten-inch pot for pole beans and ten to twelve inches pot for bush beans. Make sure each container has at least two or three drain holes. It’s very important to take care of seedlings and properly sow them so you have the best from the little seeds.

2. Soil preparation

For the soil, a pH level of six or seven is recommended, essentially slightly acidic or neutral in nature with a good drainage. You can mix compost in your soil and add a lot of nutrients to it. To keep it fertile, you can use organic rich soil or use your own such as vegetable peels, tea compost and so on. A soil rich in nutrients should ensure a healthy growing plant. Germinating beans takes about seven to ten days.  Once this happens, pour mulch on top of the soil and water them nicely. One must make the best soil mix for seeds so the seeds get enough nutrients.

3. Temperature

Summer time (from May to June) is the best time to grow your green beans, however if you plan to do so indoors (in containers) then all year round is fine. Make sure you keep the soil warm and moist at around 50 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius. They need six to eight hours of direct sunlight for the blossoms. 

4. Watering the plant

Your plant at regular intervals and keep the soil in a moist state and not a wet state. After they germinate water by sprinkling. Do not overwater your plant or it may cause the roots to spoil. 

5. Caring for the plant in winter

As warm season plants, during winter keep them covered well especially during the night and water them every other day. Use liquid fertilizers during winters and keep the plants indoors. One must know how to protect home garden in winters

6. Harvesting the plant

Almost a month and a half to two months later the plant is ready to be harvested. Bush beans in about 50-55 days and pole beans in about 55-60 days. Cut them when they are 3-4 inches long and slightly firm without tearing off the bud. 

If you are planning on growing green beans at home, then definitely go for it as it is super simple and it does not take long for the plant to grow its harvest. 

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Q1. Is it possible to grow fresh green beans at home?

Ans:  Yes, it is possible to grow fresh green beans at home. 

Q2. When is the best time to grow green beans?

Ans:  Green beans are cultivated in the Rabi season (i.e., during the cooler climate) between August and September. In northern parts of India, they are cultivated between December and February.  

Q3. What are the two types of green beans?

Ans: Bush beans and pole beans are the two types of green beans.

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