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Best Indoor plants for your Home's sunny corners

We all know how well drilled it is in our minds that sunlight is very essential for plants and plants need air, water and sunlight to grow. Like we require items like a stove, different ingredients to make our edibles and other stuff, plants need sunlight. Sunlight is an important part in the food making process for plants. We know photosynthesis – the process through which plants absorb energy from the sun to make their own food which is extremely significant for their survival. Without sunlight, they cannot make their own food, reproduce and survive which is why it is important to ensure that the plants you are growing spend an adequate time in the sun. Take care of your indoor plants as they are very precious and give clean air to breathe at home. 

Now that we know why sunlight for plants is so important, let’s talk about how you can utilize the sunny corners of your house effectively. If you’ve considered getting a plant then the best fit would be full sunlight plants as they require a good 6-8 hours of complete sunlight per day. Full sun plants are easy to grow and don’t need much of your attention – they only need the sun’s attention!  That is why plants that like full sun and heat are some of the best options to consider when you are planning on getting some indoor additions for your garden; or even if it is your very first venture.

One can gift plants to plant lovers on any special occasion so they can always remember you whenever they see the plant. Gifting plants is always a good idea. 

So, let us list down some plants that grow in full sun so you can get your own mini garden to take care of too! 

1] Aloe Vera

One of the very easy and popular to maintain plants is the aloe vera plant. Aloe vera need sunlight for a minimum of 6 hours at the very least. Keep your aloe plant in pot with enough drain holes and a good potting mix. You only need to water your plant when the soil dries out completely which is more so in the warmer months. You can keep these both outdoors as well as indoors; they are also outdoor plants that like direct sunlight.

Aloe vera is well-known for use with burns and also for its soothing properties that can help with any sort of skin irritation. So, it is one of the useful direct sunlight plants that you can consider growing in your homes. 

2] Snake Plant

Yet another easy to care for plant is the snake plant or the mother in law tongue. This plant does not need much care and can endure even extreme conditions. Snake plants need sunlight that is strong and direct, enough to cause the leaves to burn but can also survive in low temperature conditions. This is one of the pot plants for full sun that have very few needs so just one sunny corner of your house is enough for them. So, even if it slips from your mind to water this plant, it’ll still be able to sustain itself for a while. They grow up to 3-4 feet in height and have diverse shapes with colours ranging from green to yellow or green-striped etc. 

3] Jade Plant

Everyone’s favourite succulent, Jade plants are those indoor plants that are easier to keep and maintain. They are easy to care for and need to be prevented from stretching which makes it all the more good for plants that require direct sunlight. They can be grown in small teacups to pots which makes it very convenient as well.

Jade plants hold the symbolism of wealth (or financial prosperity), luck and positive energy which is why you should consider adding this plant to your home garden collection. Jade plant need sunlight for at least 6 hours each day. 

4] Money Plant

As the name suggests, they have one very well-liked feng shui that says they are to bring good fortune and wealth. Definitely a great reason to grow this plant, right? Added bonus is that it requires very minimal care and maintenance and even makes a perfect piece of decoration for your homes. Money plant sunlight hour requirement is not much. Money plant need sunlight for only 2-3 hours per day only and a partially sunny area is also equally good. So, this plant is both sun light shade proof if you have an area that is partially sunny and also shady. Money plants can also be hung if you have a nice backyard so it is also one of the full sun outdoor hanging plants. It also grows well in low conditions so you can definitely think about getting this plant. 

5] Bonsai Plant

Miniature trees and plants are very aesthetic to look at and this Japanese art of keeping these plants is certainly very beautiful. With the right care and methods, any plant can be a bonsai and these indoor bonsai plants need direct sunlight. Bonsai need sunlight for at least 5-6 hours everyday no matter if you keep them indoors or outdoors.

Full sun plants are the perfect fit for your sunny corners and these five are the most popular and common ones that you can grow.

Plants help you in every way. Even plants help in repelling the mosquitoes and keep you safe from deadly diseases. 

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Q 1] What are full sun plants?

Ans: Full sun plants are those that require at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight every day. 

Q 2] Is it easy to maintain full sun plants indoors?

Ans: Yes, a lot of the plants require very minimal care and can be housed in areas that require a good amount of direct sunlight every day. 

Q 3] Can full sun plants only be grown indoors?

Ans: Full sun plants can be grown both indoors as well as outdoors as long as you choose the right plant.

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