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Red Cabbage Seeds  F-1 Hybrid Red Ball
Red Cabbage Seeds  F-1 Hybrid Red Ball
Red Cabbage Seeds  F-1 Hybrid Red Ball
Load image into Gallery viewer, Red Cabbage Seeds  F-1 Hybrid Red Ball
Load image into Gallery viewer, Red Cabbage Seeds  F-1 Hybrid Red Ball
Load image into Gallery viewer, Red Cabbage Seeds  F-1 Hybrid Red Ball

Red Cabbage Seeds F-1 Hybrid Red Ball

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Hybrid Cabbage has a wide range of health benefits to offer. Cabbage though low in calories, is rich in nutrients and micronutrients like Vitamin A and Iron. Vitamin B6 which is vital for energy metabolism can be found in Hybrid Cabbage seeds. Cabbage also has various antioxidant properties that help to prevent heart disease, cancer and certain cell damage related health issues. 

There are multiple F-1 hybrid cabbage varieties available at Urja Seeds like F-1 Hybrid Stella Cabbage SeedsF-1 Hybrid Manasi Cabbage SeedsF-1 Hybrid Super ball Cabbage Seeds etc. but the colour and added benefits of Red Cabbage seeds F1 Hybrid Red Ball sets it apart from others. The F-1 Hybrid Red Ball keeps the chronic inflammation in check and also helps in improving digestion. 

The red cabbage seeds can be planted indoors or outdoors as per your choice and convenience. Prepare a soil mixture and sow the seeds. The seeds should be exposed to the sun for longer durations and with temperatures ranging between 18 to 25 degree Celsius. The red cabbage plants can be spaced at closer intervals with each other. Make sure that during the red cabbage growing season you keep the soil moist and provide it with the right amount of fertilizers which will result successful germination of seeds and you will have high yield at the end..

Urja Seeds provides the best, well nourished red cabbage seeds online. There are various red cabbage varieties that you can choose from. The Cabbages are an excellent addition to your garden both nourishment and appearance wise. The process of growing the cabbage is also not very complicated or complex. There are multiple tasty dishes that are incomplete without cabbages. It is the perfect ingredient for your low calorie diet plan and can be consumed guilt free!

Red cabbage is a nutritious, delicious vegetable gaining popularity over time. It adds flavor and color to a wide range of dishes. It an ornamental plant that adds color to your gardens. It is most often used in salads, but it can also be cooked and served as a side dish to certain meat dishes. It tastes similar to green cabbage. It has a slightly earthy flavor

Variety Details

  • Main season variety
  • Round headed shiny scarlet red color
  • Resistant to Fusarium
  • Ready in around 70 to 75 days
  • Average weight – 1.3 to 1.6kg
  • Approx. seed count -30

Sub - Category - Cabbage Seeds

Category - Vegetable Seeds

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ordere 4 different types of seeds, Growth rate 2/4

These seeds grew in abundance but I'm deducting one star as I was not satisfied from your delivery team. Once I ordered the seeds from online your team took 3 days to confirm it from me and then shipped it.

Smit Lahange

Very good seed all germinate within 3 days thanks to urja seeds

High yield Cabbage seeds

Impressive yield by cabbage seeds bought from Urja Seeds for my new kitchen garden..thanks

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