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Cabbages are unequivocally an essential element of salads and many delicacies of foreign cuisines as well.The origins of cabbage are unknown but it's an old variety and is believed to be a native of Britain. Belonging to the brassica family,cabbage being rich in fibres,vitamin C and many other nutrients has enormous health benefits. It improves digestion,strengthens the immune system and increases skin elasticity as well.

However,in recent years adulterated cabbages and in many cases synthetic cabbages have come into existence which,instead of making the consumer reap health benefits, leaves a harmful impact on her/his health. In this era of adulteration,one becomes even more conscious while purchasing veggies or fruits for herself or for her family. Is the product safe for me? There are many families who have started excluding certain food products from their diet,thanks to adulterants and yes prices of foods. Costs are a very diverse concept and depend entirely upon people themselves but adulterated food is something that can be prevented from being consumed.How? By 'growing your greens'. Many brands sell cabbage seeds as well as cabbage plants and many other such products which encumber their customers from the toil of finding the required seeds and yes the availability of seeds in their local nursery.

Cabbage Seeds Varieties

In India,we have several cabbage varieties such as
1. Golden acre: It is a medium to late sowing crop but has excellent field staying capacity.
2. F1 Hybrid Manasi: It has a slightly flattish,green head and it can tolerate both high and low temperatures though it grows best on cool temperatures.
3. F1 Hybrid Pluto : these have compact plants with fewer outer leaves and also,they are bluish green in colour. A variety, the Savoy cabbage also known as the winter cabbage is widely grown in the Tundra region and derives its name from the Savoy region in France.

Guide to Grow Cabbage Seeds at Home

So cabbage is basically a rabi crop and is grown in the winter months in India but in some regions such as Maharashtra and Kerala,it is grown as a Kharif crop as well. Cabbage seeds, more commonly known as patta gobhi seeds require ample amount of water for growth. Make sure these seeds are given proper care as required so they can grow to their best at the end.

Upon sowing cabbage seeds,you can expect to see the cabbage seedlings within 7-10 days.Just like any other plant, cabbage plant too requires ample spacing in order to grow to its potential.The pH of the soil for cabbage seeds should be between 6.5 to 7. Make sure you make the best soil mix for the little seeds so enough nutrients these seeds can grow and give high yield at the end. If you live in an apartment, which most of us do,you will prefer to grow a small cabbage plant and for that matter you need to be conscious about the lighting as the cabbage plant does not grow well in partial or no shade.It has to be placed on some window where it gets sufficient sunlight. Soil preparation for cabbage plants will require mixing of potting soil and compost in a ratio of 2:3. For irrigation purposes,the sprinkler system is considered ideal here. Use the right gardening tools for your kitchen garden.

Most often pests are a huge problem in our gardens,in such cases you can use a mulching sheet or platen cover. And if you wish to transplant cabbage you can simply take seeds from one bed and transfer them to another grow. However,you can also get cabbage seeds on plants. Wondering how? For this,you need to remove the dried pods from the plant and break them with your fingers over some tray or bowl so that you can get the seeds. The seeds are then dried for about 2 weeks and stored. Cabbage seeds have a decent viability of about 5 years.

About Urja seeds

At Urja seeds, we sell some of the best cabbage seeds online. We provide hybrid cabbage variety seeds as well,which are a combination of the superior characteristics of their predecessors. Apart from cabbage seeds ,we sell microgreen seeds, flower seeds, exotic seeds and several other varieties of vegetable seeds like bitter gourd (karela) seeds, ridge gourd (turai) seeds, beetroot seeds, summer squash seeds, tomato seeds and many others as well. We also provide expert guidance if you get stuck in your home gardening procedure. We sell our high yielding seeds online which are both qualitatively as well as quantitatively ample to ensure our customer's satisfaction.


Q1) How long does it take for cabbage seeds to grow?

Ans: Cabbage seeds will take around 60-100 days grow.And upon sowing cabbage seeds,you can expect them to germinate within 7-10 days

Q2) Can we sow cabbage seeds directly?

Ans: Yes,cabbage seeds can be sown directly.

Q3) Is it necessary to soak cabbage seeds before planting them in soil?

Ans: Though not necessary, soaking cabbage seeds prior to planting has a drastic impact on their germination process,it just kick-starts the process.
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