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Turnips are very healthy for you. Grow them now

When was the last time you used turnip as one of the ingredients in your dish? Unless it is one of your most liked vegetables, perhaps never. A lot of times we feel a little hesitant when trying out something new – especially when it comes to food. Vegetables, in this case, have a long history of ‘not sure’ or ‘might not like’ labels attached to them. Not everyone is a fan, right? But some of these veggies that we tend to avoid experimenting with are some of the healthiest. The turnip plant is one of them. 

The shalgam plant is one of the oldest plants, tracing back to the time when the dinosaurs walked the earth. In this blog, we have unravelled some information about the turnip plant, its health benefits, different varieties and much more. Also, it's  easy to start your own kitchen garden at home so don't wait and start with it.

Health Benefits Of Turnip Plant 

Turnips are very rich in vitamins and minerals. Turnips are rich in fibre and can help in alleviating several intestinal issues. The turnip plant also has a chemical called glucosinolates that can potentially help in preventing cancer. If you are on the quest of losing weight, then adding the shalgam plant to your diet can prove to be beneficial. Because of its fiber content, it can make you feel satiated for a long period. Turnips have a high Vitamin C content which is a source that provides you with antioxidants. They help us in fighting several illnesses. 

Varieties of Turnip 

1. Turnip Seeds Golden Ball 

Unlike the usual varieties, this one is a pale yellow. It has a sweet taste with crisp and firm flesh. The average time for yielding its harvest is 50 to 55 days. 

2. Turnip Seeds Red Ball 

This particular variety has softer flesh that is white with a deep red skin colour. It has a semi-globe shape with foliage and stems that are red. 

3. Turnip Seeds Purple Top white 

When you go shopping for turnips, this is the variety you will find most often. Its colour is half purple and half white and can be harvested in 50 days. 

If you are considering growing this plant then you can buy turnip seeds online at Urja Seeds. Find your favourite variety of turnip seeds to pick from. 

Growing Turnips From Seed

This plant is fairly easy to grow and you don’t need to worry too much about perfecting things. Here’s a quick guide for growing turnips from seed:

1. Preparing The Soil

The turnip plant is usually grown in the spring season. It likes slightly acidic soil that is mixed well with aged manure as well as compost. Heavy clay or sandy soil that enables drainage is the best soil for the plant. Fertile soil helps them to grow turnips well and the compost you add should help in that. 

2. Sowing The Seeds

To sow your seeds, half an inch deep into the soil should be good. Each plant should be spaced out at a distance of at least an inch. You can sow the seeds directly into the soil. Very gently cover the seeds with a little bit of soil and water them lightly. At this stage, water your turnip seeds regularly. 

3. Watering The Plant 

The turnip plant does need its soil to be moist at the very least. This is why make sure you water at least an inch or an inch and a half of water per week so that the soil does not dry out. This will ensure that your turnip seedlings grow perfectly. 

4. Taking Care Of The Germinating Plant

The turnip seedlings take anywhere between 3 to 10 days to germinate. Since they do not transplant well, you just need to sow directly as mentioned above. Space each plant 3 to 4 inches from each other. When the turnip seedlings start to sprout, you can start with the thinning process. 

5. Nurturing The Shalgam Plant

Turnips usually like the full sun so ensure at least 6 to 8 hours of sun if you can. The temperature should be cool because they thrive in such conditions. Turnips grow fast so you do not need to have a whole to-do list. You can skip out on the fertilizer if you ensure that soil has the organic matter it needs to keep it fertile. You can add mulch to make sure it has its moisture content retained well. 

6. Harvesting Turnips 

Now, you might be questioning how long do turnips take to grow? Depending on what variety you choose, they will be ready in around 5 to 6 weeks. When the plant greens grow 4 to 5 inches tall is when you can start with the harvesting of the plant. The tender roots are generally preferred because otherwise, the plant can get bitter to taste. If you want to grow another batch then harvest them leaving about 3 inches from the base. 

Hope this small guide aids you in your harvesting process. Find the best turnip seeds online to begin your planting session at our store. Browse through the varieties of turnip seeds online at Urja Seeds and order your favourite today. 

About Urja Seeds

For your lovely home garden, we have a variety of seeds online for you to pick from. Browse through our collection of micro green seeds, flower seeds, vegetable seeds and exotic seeds online and diversify your garden. We offer delivery services pan India so you don’t need to worry, only order seeds hassle-free. 


Q1] Can turnips grow in shade?

A1] Generally, the turnip plant requires full sun but they can also grow in partial shade conditions. 

Q2] How often should the turnip plant be watered?

A2] An inch of water per week should suffice. Make sure that the soil is consistently moist and does not dry out. 

Q3] Which plants to avoid growing with turnips?

A3] Avoid growing potatoes, carrots, beets or onions next to your turnip plant. 

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