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Grow Healthy Papayas in your Home Garden Easily

An native of tropical America, Papaya traces its roots to southern Mexico and Central America. It is considered as one of the most loved fruits with inbuilt natural sugars. They are particularly grown in tropical environments. They are considered ideal healthy snacks with just 119 calories. According to research, papaya essentially does not cause weight loss, but there are some compounds in it which help in weight loss. It provides a sense of 'stomach fullness' which in turn, helps in weight loss.

Here are some health as well as skin benefits of papayas:

1. Good for skin

You might have seen numerous face packs in the market selling their products under the label of having papayas in them. Ever wondered why? Papaya is an excellent skin replenisher. Acne treatment, wrinkles, dull skin can cure it all! Papaya has an enzyme papain in it which has enormous skin cleansing properties in it. By virtue of which it is considered to be an important component of your skincare.

2. Good for hair

It helps your scalp produce sebum which nourishes your hair. Papaya also makes your hair shinier and stimulates hair growth as well. It is an excellent hydrant for the scalp and it nourishes it from roots to tip.

3. Reduce risk of heart disease: 

It has high levels of antioxidants vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E as well. The oxidants prevent the oxidation of cholesterol thus reducing risk of heart disease.

Papaya seeds uses

Not just papaya but papaya seeds  too can be eaten as a whole in many cases.

Here are some papaya seeds benefits which you might not be aware of!

1. May protect from kidney infection

Papaya seeds are rich in antioxidants which, in turn, prevent oxidative damage of cells and thus protect your kidney.

2. Improves digestion

 Just like any other seed, papaya seeds are a good source of fiber and help enhance digestive health. It helps in improving improper bowel movements.

3. Helps fight infection

Papaya seeds, according to some studies, have been proven to be the destroyer of fungi and parasites.

Papaya seeds planting

For germinating papaya seeds, you will require humid and warm climate and it thrives well between 38-40°C.While the optimum temperature for growing papaya from seed is 22-36°C. Soil type best suited for papaya seeds planting is fertile soil, clay soils are not suitable for the growth of papaya seeds. Make sure you prepare the best soil for little seeds.

In India, the ideal season for planting papaya seeds is monsoon i.e between June and July.

After sowing papaya seeds with the right gardening toolsyou can expect papaya seedlings to appear within 1-4 weeks and fruit within 6-8 months. In order to have successful germination of seeds, make sure that proper care should be given to seeds before sowing them in the soil.

Nowadays, you can get these papaya seeds online from the comfort of your home!

About Urja Seeds

At Urja Seeds, we sell one of the best papaya seeds (quality wise) at quite an affordable price. Also we sell vegetable seeds, flower seeds, exotic seeds and micro green seeds online  as well. We are a one stop shop for varieties of agricultural seeds online that will help you to grow your own vegetables, fruits and flowers in your kitchen garden.


Q1: Are there any side effects of papaya seeds?

Ans: Yes, there are some side effects of papaya seeds. They are not advised for pregnant women as it might harm the foetus. It can also cause allergy in sensitive people. While in men, excessive consumption of papaya seeds can result in infertility.

Q2: Is it safe to swallow papaya seeds as a whole?

Ans: Absolutely! Papaya seeds are rich in fiber and also have a crunchy feel to it and also it helps in cleansing of the digestive tract as well.

Q3: How to use papaya seeds?

Ans: The most basic use of papaya seeds would be to consume them as a whole and avail its numerous health benefits. Next would be to grind them and make a powder out of them. Papaya seeds powder benefits the body just the same way papaya seeds do, but they have more diversified uses and can be used in smoothies and shakes as well.

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