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Zucchini Seeds F-1 Hybrid - Green
Zucchini Seeds F-1 Hybrid - Green
Zucchini Seeds F-1 Hybrid - Green
Load image into Gallery viewer, Zucchini Seeds F-1 Hybrid - Green
Load image into Gallery viewer, Zucchini Seeds F-1 Hybrid - Green
Load image into Gallery viewer, Zucchini Seeds F-1 Hybrid - Green

Zucchini Seeds F-1 Hybrid - Green

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Zucchini has been used in traditional medicines for health issues like common cold and body aches. It is rich in several minerals, vitamins and plant compounds. It comprises Iron, zinc, calcium and phosphorus. Antioxidants like Beta Carotene are found in abundance in Zucchini. Apart from this, Zucchini helps in proper digestion because of its high water content, may help reduce High blood sugar levels for patients diagnosed with Diabetes level 2 and may also improve heart health. Thus, Zucchini is a great addition to your daily diet considering the wide range of health benefits that it offers. 

Zucchini is available in different colours. The Green Zucchini is a low calorie item with around 95% water content. The Green Zucchini Squash are mild in flavour and can be used in all types of recipes from sweet to savoury. You can definitely try the green zucchini in a salad or as a replacement for pastas and noodles in all traditional dishes. Out of all the different types of green squash, Zucchini stands out because of its versatility and richness in nourishment as well as in taste.

You can grow the Green Zucchini in your home garden through an easy, non complicated process. It is best to grow them during the summer season since they require high temperatures for proper growth. The total time taken by the plant to harvest will mostly be around 2 months. 

To ensure the best possible environment for the plant, place it in such an area where it has access to direct sunlight. Loamy soil with all the necessary nutrients, compost and fertilizers should be properly prepared. Sow the zucchini seeds at least 1 inch deep but 2- 3 feet apart from each other. You can also grow them on trellis for additional support. The growth of the zucchini plant will be consistent and plentiful. 

A warm season crop, zucchini is a small summer squash belonging to Cucurbitaceae family. It may be green, yellow or light green. They have a shape similar to a cucumber but a few cultivars are of round or bottle shaped also. Generally, the young and tender shoots are used for cooking purpose. Zucchini can be grown in pots, containers and backyards. Rapid germination and vigorous growth occurs when soil temperature reaches above 20°C .Its seed germinates best from 28°C to 32°C

Variety Details

  • Vigorous growing bush variety
  • Straight dark green fruits
  • Ready in 40 to 45 days
  • Average length: 7 to 9 inches
  • Approx. Seed count - 20

Sub Category - Summer Squash Seeds

Category - Vegetable Seeds

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No of Seeds changed

Seeds quality is good but Here is some issue with seed count.I GOt only 8 seeds. (Its showing approx 20)


Only 10 seeds

Good yield

happy to buy vegetable seeds from this great online seeds store. Thanks:)


My favorite vegetable seeds I've ever bought online. I am amazed at how high quality zucchini grows at home.

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