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Swiss Chard- Super Green
Swiss Chard- Super Green
Swiss Chard- Super Green
Load image into Gallery viewer, Swiss Chard- Super Green
Load image into Gallery viewer, Swiss Chard- Super Green
Load image into Gallery viewer, Swiss Chard- Super Green

Swiss Chard- Super Green

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The Swiss chard is a plant which is quite popular in Mediterranean areas, and can be prepared by either boiling, steaming or roasting. The stalks come in red, white, yellow, and green, but all have a similar slightly bitter taste. Its health benefits are numerous as it is high in vitamins K, A, C, magnesium, potassium, and dietary fiber.

Swiss Chard offers a wide range of health benefits. It comprises Vitamins K,A,C along with a good quantity of magnesium, iron, potassium and dietary fibers.  

You can eat the Swiss chard vegetable by boiling, steaming or roasting the leaves. You can also add it to different salads, soups and wraps for its taste and nutritious benefits. Amongst the different types of swiss chards such as Yellow, Red, Ruby etc. the green swiss chard is quite common. 

Growing swiss chard in your home garden is an easy task. You can plant the swiss chard seeds during the winter, spring or fall months for the best possible results. Start by sowing the swiss chard seeds indoors first. You can later on transplant them into your garden soil after 4 to 5 weeks. For best results, soak your seeds in warm water for 15 minutes before sowing them so as to speed the germination process.

Use the best soil mix, rich in nutrients and composed. Loosened soil is said to have the best results for growing swiss chard from seeds. Sow the seed ½ inch deep into the soil. You can even grow the swiss chard in containers.

Variety Details

  • Fresh shiny green crinkled leaves
  • White veins
  • White Stalks
  • Approx. Seed count - 150

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