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Vegetable farming in Punjab

Vegetable Farming is the practice of growing vegetables for human consumption. Originally, people grew vegetables for their consumption or to trade locally. But as time went on, vegetable farming reached global levels, covering 1.1% of the world’s total agricultural area.

Vegetable crops have established their credibility through increased productivity, generating employment, and enhancing exports. Over the years, this has become a remunerative profession that has not only improved the socio-economic status of the people of Punjab but also solved the employment problems to a great extent. This blog talks about how vegetable farming has grown tremendously popular in Punjab, the area of land cultivated, major crops grown in the state, the factors which influence farming, and more.

Statistically, 63-64% of the total area of land under cultivation in Punjab is used for vegetable farming. Popular crops that are grown in the state include potatoes, onions, tomatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, peas, carrot, okra, radish, bitter gourd, and brinjal.

However, various factors influence the crop selection and cropping system, as mentioned below-

  • Climatic Factors: Whether the temperature, rainfall, humidity, season, are suitable

for the crop to be grown.


  • Cropping System Options: Knowledge of inter-cropping, mixed-cropping, relay- cropping, multi-cropping, crop rotation.


  • Water: Is proper water supply available for irrigation purposes?


  • Expected Profit & Risk: Will the crop offer you profits? Do you have solutions for the anticipated risks? Are you sure if it’s worth taking the risk?


  • Market Demand: Will the market demand of the proposed crop be able to offer profits?


  • Technology Availability & Suitability: Suitable equipment must be available for the proposed crop.

By now, you must have understood that vegetable farming has an enormous scope. So, if this is your calling, go for it!

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