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Mesembryanthemum Sparkles Mixed - Flower Seeds

Mesembryanthemum Sparkles Mixed - Flower Seeds
Mesembryanthemum Sparkles Mixed - Flower Seeds
Load image into Gallery viewer, Mesembryanthemum Sparkles Mixed - Flower Seeds
Load image into Gallery viewer, Mesembryanthemum Sparkles Mixed - Flower Seeds

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Mesembryanthemum flowers are very popular when it comes to home gardening. These mesembryanthemum plants have uniquely shaped flowers with different vibrant colours that stand out in your garden. Also, growing Mesembryanthemum flowers does not require a lot of maintenance and thus they are everyone's favourite.

The leaves of the mesembryanthemum plants hold large amounts of water and thus appear fleshy, glistening and shiny. Therefore it is  also known as mesembryanthemum ice plant. The flowers of this plant are all long lasting and have a wonderful, fresh bloom that never fails to captivate the eye.

You can also have the mesembryanthemum flowers by planting mesembryanthemum seeds in your garden. The plant needs a warm climate to harvest and requires limited water so make sure not to over water the plant. 

You can prepare a cactus-like, sandy oil mixture with all the required ingredients and nutrients. Also make sure that the pot you are using for planting the seeds has holes that allow draining since you don't want to wet the soil completely. Use of proper gardening tools is must for planting the seeds and to make them grow as desired.

Lastly, choose a location which has direct access to sunlight.

It is said that the ice plant can cure skin problems like redness, itching, swelling and pain. Thus the plant not only is beautiful, elegant and appealing to the eye but is also packed with health and beauty benefits. What are you waiting for?

Buy Mesembryanthemum plant seeds today from Urja Seeds and begin your gardening journey!

Mesembryanthemum flowers tolerates and thrives very well in dry, hot, sunny borders and rockeries. The succulent, fleshy-leaved plants cover the ground quickly, and become clothed in a rich carnival of color all summer long.

Its leaves can be eaten raw, mainly being used as a spinach substitute. There are many flowers that can be eaten and have lots of health benefits too.

Approx seeds count - 500

Category - Flower Seeds

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Awesome flowers

These flowers have made my home garden look more beautiful than before. Good collection of flower seeds , I must say

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