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Beet Root Bull's Blood Micro green Seeds

Beet Root Bull's Blood Micro green Seeds

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This variety is commonly grown as a baby leaf and microgreen variety. The leaves are dark purple/red and are ready in around 35 days. They look amazing in salads and have a delicious sweet flavour. The roots mature at around 55 days. Great dual-purpose heirloom variety.


  • Seed Type : Non-Hybrid, Open Pollinated And Non-GMO
  • Seed Pre Soak : 4-10 Hours In Cold Water
  • Growing Medium : Soil/Hydroponics
  • Flavour : Earthy And Nutty Flavour
  • Colour : Dark Variegated Crimson Red And Green Leaves & Stems
  • Seed Count for Kitchen Garden Packing: 500 Seeds
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