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Beans Upma

Beans Upma
Beans Upma
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Bush beans grow best in well drained, organic material rich soil. They need full sun to produce best. Before you start planting bush beans, you should consider inoculating the soil with bean inoculant, which will have bacteria that help the bean plant produce better. Your bush beans will still produce if you do not add bean inoculants to the soil, but it will help you get a bigger crop from your bush beans.

Variety Details

  • Bushy plants with good branching
  • String less, green round pods
  • Pod Size: 14-15 X 1.0-1.2 cm
  • High yielding with good keeping quality
  • First harvest starts from 45 to 55 days after sowing
  • Tolerant to powdery mildew


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