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Grow Watermelons in your Home Garden this Summer

When people think of food, the first thing that comes to mind is probably something that was prepared at home, something that can be prepared at home, or something that is loved for its flavor and nutritional benefits. However, one food that is often overlooked is watermelon. The most common watermelon is the green or yellow melon, which is typically eaten raw. But the watermelon has so much more to offer than just a sweet treat. It is also an excellent source of vitamin C and is a good source of dietary fiber, which helps keep digestion moving along smoothly. The watermelon plant is native to the Americas, but it was first cultivated in India more than 2,000 years ago. Today, watermelon is primarily grown in the United States, but Mexico, China, India, India, and Brazil also grow watermelon commercially. There are different watermelon varieties also available.

Watermelon is a fruit that is a favorite of many children during the summer. It is a popular fruit to bring to school for lunch because of its sweet taste and its ability to cool off on hot summer days. It is no surprise, then, that many children have been disappointed when they are unable to find watermelon during the school year. Because of the long season for watermelon, the fruit is most commonly found in the summer months.

Watermelons are juicy, sweet, and delicious summertime treats. But did you know that watermelons have seeds? Those seeds are the powerhouse of the watermelon and are packed with nutrients and health benefits. Watermelon seeds also known as tarbuj seeds are also edible and can be used in salads or as a spicy seasoning in recipes. The seeds contain small amounts of protein and lots of dietary fiber. They are oval and brown, and very small. They can also be used as a snack, like roasted watermelon seeds and salted. It is also possible to find a seedless watermelon. This is a result of them becoming triploid i.e., having three sets of chromosomes. Watermelon without seeds is rare but safe to be consumed. Eating watermelon seeds can be weird for some people but it is delicious!

Watermelon is a summertime favourite, not only for its delicious flesh but also for its numerous health benefits.

Health benefits of tarbooj seeds include:

1) Good skin: Consuming watermelon seeds helps in preventing acne, moisturises skin, prevents dullness, and also slows down the signs of ageing. Applying oil of these seeds is also a great way to block pores, and therefore prevent acne.
2) Better blood sugar control: Several studies have linked watermelon seeds to better blood sugar control and lower insulin resistance. Diabetes patients can greatly benefit from this.
3) Boosts energy level: Yes, watermelon seeds contain a lot of calories. However, where do most of that energy come from? Watermelon seeds have primarily healthy fatty acids as their main source of calories. Your metabolism will be boosted by one cup of watermelon seeds and your body will be replenished with essential nutrients.

All you need to know about planting watermelon seeds:

Growing watermelon seeds is a rewarding experience. The first time a seed sprouts, you’re just waiting for it to turn into a plant. When it finally does, you have the privilege of watching it grow into a beautiful watermelon. You get to enjoy the fruit, but you also get to experience the process of growing the watermelon from a seed. Germinating watermelon seeds is relatively easy. Provide it with some space to expand, and it is mostly maintenance-free. Growing watermelon from seeds requires a long growing season and thrives in hot weather, but it takes some time to establish. Use of proper gardening tools is recommended so seeds get proper nutrients and space to grow.

About Urja Seeds

We have two types of seeds: F-1 hybrid US-777 Striped watermelon seeds and F-1 Hybrid US-20011 Icebox watermelon seeds. Our goal at Urja Seeds is to provide seeds of the highest quality at the most affordable prices.

We provide high-quality seeds online which includes vegetable seeds like cabbage seeds, brinjal seeds, carrot seeds, turnip seeds, radish seeds and many more along with flower seeds, exotic seeds and micro green seeds too. It is highly recommended to grow vegetables in the kitchen garden so that you can enjoy fresh and chemical-free food!


Q1) Can watermelon seeds be eaten directly?

Ans: Yes, you can eat raw watermelon seeds. They are not harmful or toxic and won’t grow in your stomach because of the acid level.

Q2) How long does it take for watermelon seeds to grow?

Ans: Watermelon seeds successfully germinate in about 4 to 12 days.

Q3) Is it necessary to soak watermelon seeds before eating?

Ans: While it is not necessary to soak watermelon seeds before eating it is highly recommended to do so to take precautions.
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